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Digital Toolbox

...and we will accompany you! The Digital Toolbox is a unique offering to teach HSBA students digital tools and strategies. Students from different BSc and MSc degrees have the opportunity to choose between highly relevant and contemporary digital topics and profiles, and at the same time network outside their own study programmes.

Digital Toolbox@HSBA

Six Profiles on the Digital Transformation

Digitalisation is happening across all sectors and affects all levels of the company. Traditional industries are being fundamentally changed and forced to adapt to remain competitive in the long term.

But most of the time, there is an infinite potential that comes through big data, artificial intelligence, and design thinking. At interfaces between stakeholders, the loss of friction should be minimised without harming creativity.

Everyone wants to be at the forefront of digitalisation. HSBA's Digital Toolbox supports you on the path of your digital transformation.

Choose from Six Individual Profiles

Prepare for the digital transformation by choosing a profile during your studies:

Business Process Innovation

Which influences and technologies have a lasting effect on business processes?

This profile deals with the strategic opportunities and challenges in the course of the digital transformation of business processes. Analysis and design of processes, the definition of suitable metrics and the implement­tation of processes in ERP systems are taught.

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Data Business

This profile deals with the structure of databases, the use of SQL for data evaluation and the principles of machine learning. The use of the pro¬gramming languages Python and R for data analysis and data presentation are also part of the profile.

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Digital Communication and Marketing Technologies

This profile prepares for the adaptation of corporate communication to the digital and social media landscape with its new and constantly evolving communication channels.

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Digital Strategy

This profile prepares you to understand the drivers of digitalisation and to use them at a strategic level as an opportunity for the future development of the company.

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This profile focuses on the teaching of methods and personal skills that are necessary for the transformation process in a company in the course of digital transformation.

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This profile teaches basic concepts of programming. Simple web pages are created using HTML, CSS and Java Script. In addition, aspects of pro¬gramming in Java are dealt with and the creation of APPs is demonstrated using examples.

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