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Digitalisation offers many new business opportunities based on a variety of drivers of change and some revolutionary powers of disruption. It also poses an ultimate threat to existing business models. The profile “Digital Strategy” prepares its participants to understand, tackle and exploit challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation.

Digital Strategy Seminars

Title Format Duration Description
Platform Economy Mindset 8 hours Learn about the fundamental shift from “pipeline” to “platform”-business and why platform businesses like eBay or Facebook fit so well to a digitally driven economy.
Ambidextrous Entreprise Mindset 8 hours Explains the concept of “ambidexterity” (= being able to use both hands adroitly) in the business context. It focuses on the strategic and managerial implications of meeting today's business demands, whilst simultaneously being adaptive to changes in the environment.
Digital Business Deep-Dive 16 hours Discusses central questions, opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation. It will also introduce basic technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT).
Strategy Development for Digital Markets Implementation Workshop 32 hours The contents and concepts discussed before are applied to current and probable future scenarios in selected industries combining the understanding of digital drivers of change with standard corporate strategy development tools as St. Gallen Business Model Navigator, Resource vs. Market Based View and Applied Game Theory.


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