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HSBA stands for duality and application-oriented research; we combine challenging theoretical studies with practical professional experience. We encourage our students to take up problems from practice in their study and research projects, to work on them in a well-founded manner using the current state of the literature as well as their own research, and then to present them to the interested public. The HSBA white paper is one such output. It is a "work in progress" to provide suggestions and to enter into discussion with you.

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Wie die Extrameile überwunden werden kann

Zwischen der Einstellung von Konsumierenden zur Nachhaltigkeit und ihrem wirklichen Verhalten klafft noch immer eine große Lücke. Es gibt zahlreiche Faktoren, die diese Diskrepanz erklären. Wer deren Wirkungsmechanismen versteht, kann verantwortungsvolles Marketing als Schlüssel für Verhaltensveränderung nutzen und so langfristig nachhaltige Konsummuster etablieren.

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Measurability of Sustainability

In our Master's programme Digital Transformation & Sustainability, we combine the future topics of digitalisation and sustainability. Students conduct application-oriented research based on real projects in order to provide fresh answers to current questions. 

In the Customer Experience module, students first delve into the design of a differentiated supplier-customer relationship as a central building block for entrepreneurial competitiveness, before integrating the economic principle of sustainability into the consideration of the customer experience in a further step.

In this way, students will not only become more aware of the impact and responsibility of marketing, but also develop concrete tools on how they, as marketers of the future, can actively shape the operative and strategic marketing of companies and effectively contribute to the sustainability goals of companies.

HSBA Whitepaper

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