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Enable Innovative and Disruptive Processes

The digital transformation of products and markets creates many challenges as well as opportunities for existing businesses. The “Intrapreneur-Profile” focuses on methods and skills necessary to support and enable innovative and possibly disruptive processes within existing companies. The successful “intrapreneur” will use selected start-up methods to support the transformation processes from within the company.

Intrapreneur Seminars

Title Format Duration Description
Lean Start-up Techniques Mindset 8 hours Learn how modern companies use entrepreneurial management techniques to transform their corporate culture and drive long-term growth – with a particular emphasis on innovation and digital transformation. Selected lean management concepts are Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Continuous Deployment, Growth Hacking, Design Thinking, Scrum, Business Canvas and Visualisation Techniques.
Business Model Innovation Mindset 8 hours The seminar conveys the substantial threat of digitalisation and possible solutions to existing business. Topics like Platform Economy, Network and Lock-In Effects as well as the four C’s of Internet business models are covered.
Design Thinking Deep-Dive 16 hours This seminar will illustrate the basics of Design Thinking and why and how it is used in digitalisation projects. Using this technique, you will develop a “pretotype” for a given problem, which is a viability test even before a prototype is created, present your idea and reflect on the process.
Proof of Concept Implementation Workshop 32 hours Apply the methods and skills of start-up companies, especially the user-centred innovation process of Design Thinking combined with agile project tools and a lean-start-up approach. It will give you the opportunity to test and improve your own or your company’s innovative product ideas.


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