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Study abroad – Outbound Bachelor

Study Abroad Options & Information on Money Matters

Going Abroad- from Hamburg to the world

From Hamburg to the world

A stay abroad during your HSBA degree programme brings with it countless advantages, as well as a dose of adventure: you expand your foreign language skills, build up intercultural competencies, view study content from a different perspective, make contacts from all over the world, test your frustration levels and your ability to adapt. At the same time, of course, it quenches your wanderlust. 

Most employers focus on key competencies such as the soft skills mentioned above, but they also look for international team work experience, a global network, personal growth, and the ability to communicate and critique across borders. Your career will certainly benefit from this experience.

HSBA promotes international exchange at all levels, for example in the form of Internationalisation@Home, i.e. exchanges with foreign lecturers and visiting exchange students. But also by supporting students who want to go abroad for a while with their employer (for example to work at a foreign branch), who want to participate in a summer school, or who want to spend a semester at a partner institution.

As a rule, a stay abroad does not prolong your studies at HSBA, but it does require early planning. The academic achievements from abroad can possibly count towards your HSBA degree. Find out more about HSBA's international partnerships and the various options for gaining experience abroad during your studies at HSBA on this page.

You are ready to start planning your stay abroad and want to apply?

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Options for work or study periods abroad

Short term stays: Summer School or Winter School

You want to go abroad just for a short period of time? A full semester does not fit into your plans? There are various options for you: You can visit a language school or take part in a Summer School or Winter School. 

General Inforamtion about Summer Schools/ Winter Schools 

  • Intensive study programmes lasting two to six weeks 
  • Study Content: general studies or specific topics with additonal extra-curricular activities  
  • Th e application process and arrival and departure generally must be planned by you but accommodation is normally part of the deal 
  • Do check early on whether credits can be transferred to your HSBA degree. More info at “Step 4: Approving Credits from abroad” on the page "Organisation & Application Process"
  • Not all higher education institute are recognised as such in Germany.  More information available at the HSBA International Office
  • Information on money matters is available at Financing Options 
  • Check out the experience reports in the Team Outgoings 

Search for a suitable short term stay

Erasmus +

Spend a semester at a European partner institution

Erasmus+ is THE European Union's exchange programme and has been promoting European exchanges for students, professors, and university staff since 1987. The current programme generation runs from 2021-2027 and focuses on sustainability, digitalisation, and social participation.  

HSBA participates in the programme track KA131 "Mobility of Individuals", which can be a semester abroad (SMS) or an internship abroad (SMP) for students. 

The prerequisite is an existing partnership between HSBA and the university abroad. A semester abroad must last at least three months and an internship abroad at least two months for Erasmus+ funding to apply. 

There are some advantages studying abroad at an Erasmus+ partner:

Financial advantages

  • Tuition fee waiver, no admin fees, no language tests at the host institution
  • Financial support (part scholoarship) when spending a minimum of three months studying abroad. The amount of funding depends on the destination country
  • There are Top Ups for first generation university students
  • Students with special needs or travelling with children will also receive Top Ups
  • You use "green" travel for arrival and/or departure to your host? You will receive an additional Top Up funding

Advantages during the planning stage

  • The International Offices at HSBA and the partner institution support the application process
  • HSBA staff and staff at the host will advise and support during all stages
  • There will be some support looking for accommodation, some partners reserve spaces in their housing for Erasmus+ students
  • The experience reports of previous HSBA Outbound students may help you in your planning
  • free of charge language course via the EU Academy


  • You will be part of the Erasmus Student Network ESN even after your stay abroad

Semester at Partner Institution worldwide

Semester at Partner Institution worldwide

In addition to the European Erasmus+ partnerships, HSBA maintains partnerships with higher education institutions outside Europe. These include, for example, partners in Asia and North and South America. The network is regularly reviewed and expanded as needed. 

A semester at a university in the partnership network has the following advantages:

Planning and support structures

  • Tuition fee waiver, no administration costs, no language tests needed
  • Simplified application procedure. Students are supported in this process by the International Offices of the sending and receiving university
  • Mostly support in the visa process by the host
  • Testimonials from former HSBA outgoings can be found in the Outgoings Team.
  • In most cases, no official language certificate such as TOEFL or similar is required. After successful acceptance of a place, a confirmation of language skills can be issued by the HSBA- International Office.

Financial advantages

  • Tuition fee waiver, no administration costs,
  • Financing options are listed in the Financing section

Semester as a Free Mover student

Semester as Free Mover

You have not found what you're looking for in our partner institutions? Then there is the option of going abroad as a Free Mover and finding a suitable place of study yourself.

Please note: 

  • Usually, the universities charge tuition fees, which can vary in amount (as in the USA, for example). 
  • Some countries do not offer Free Mover options at all
  • Possibly, the language confirmation for English from the HSBA International Office will not be recognised and an official language certificate (e.g. TOEFL or EILTS for English) must be submitted. 
  • The application deadline of 15.03. for places at partner universities does NOT apply here. The deadlines of the respective university apply. 
  • Have the possible credit transfer from abroad checked at an early stage. See "Step 4: Credit Transfer from abroad". 
  • Not every university/institution abroad is recognised as a university in Germany. Please contact the International Office if you have selected a university and are unsure about its recognition
  • Experience reports from former HSBA outgoings can be found in the Teams channel Outgoings
  • Financing options are listed in the section "Financing"

The HSBA International Office will of course support you in planning and realising the mobility. 

Work abroad at foreign branch

Work abroad at foreign branch

Would you like to know what your company's offices in Asia or the USA look like? You always wanted to test your foreign language skills and work in international teams abroad?

Talk to your company if there is an opportunity to work abroad for a while. You can plan your time abroad individually, avoid overlapping with your HSBA semester, and your company will not lose any working time.

Other advantages for you could be that you combine vacation days with the assignment, make new international friends and receive a small grant through the Erasmus+ programme (if you work in a European country).

One-week Study Trip

An intensive week abroad

The module "Study Trip" is an important part of the curriculum in many of the degree programmes at HSBA. The students choose a topic, which is mostly dealt with intensively in a foreign country (there are a few destinations within Germany each year, too) during one week. Company visits, visits to foreign universities and an exciting social programme make this week an unforgettable experience.

HSBA holds the ERASMUS+ Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027, enabling HSBA to take part in the Erasmus+ programme. Students find their rights and obligations in the ERASMUS+ Student Charter which is available following the link to the Erasmus+ page. More Information on Erasmus+ can be viewed here on the HSBA Erasmus+ website

HSBA international partners

The HSBA partnership network

HSBA maintains a network of diverse partner institutions from around the world. 

A current list of all partners can be viewed. It should be noted here that not all foreign universities shown in the list accept HSBA students for a semester. The type of contract currently in place is marked in the list. Erasmus+ partnerships are marked. 

Each partner university is described in a short profile. Here the institution is presented and the city and the country in which the university is located. In addition, you will find facts about the semester dates and which degree programmes are particularly suitable for an exchange. In addition, the following files are available for download (top right):

Fact Sheet- important information about student exchange compiled by the International Office of the partner university. Here you will find semester dates, links to course lists, contact details and general information such as accommodation, visa, insurance and much more. 

A-Track and B-Track sheets - these roughly outline how the semester times at the respective university compare to the HSBA study structure. These help in planning and in making arrangements with the company.


There are numerous financing opportunities for the various options of a stay abroad. Usually, these are partial scholarships that do not cover the entire expenses for a stay abroad:


The most well known programm of the EU Commission

The EU Commission supports stays abroad with financial means through the National Agency DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service e.V.).

Funding is possible for minimum stays of three months (study mobility) at a European partner institution and two months (internship mobility) in a European company.

The amount of financial support is based on the cost of living scaled according to three country categories published by the DAAD. Information on this and required documents to be filled out by students and hosts will be provided by the HSBA International Office in due time and are available from the Outgoings Team.


DAAD Scholarship

PROMOS is a scholarship programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The funds come from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 

Semesters abroad at non-European partner universities, free movers and short programs such as summer schools are eligible for funding. The funds are awarded on a calendar year basis. The HSBA- International Office sends out the call for applications with the current funding conditions towards the end of April/beginning of May each year.

Please note: PROMOS cannot be combined with Erasmus+ or other DAAD funding.

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst DAAD

Scholarship list

Various scholarships and funding opportunities are listed in the DAAD scholarship database. In general, applications for scholarships must be received at a very early stage.

Additional Options for Funding

It may be worthwhile researching options

An application may be worthwhile, even if you do not receive domestic BAföG.

GO EAST Summer Schools
The DAAD offers scholarships for summer schools in Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe as well as the South Caucasus and Central Asia.

Institute Ranke Heinemann
This institute awards scholarships for Australia, New Zealand and Canada

GOstralia and GOzealand
This organisation awards scholarships for Australia and New Zealand

Fulbright Commission
Fulbright offers various scholarship programs for the USA (e.g. Summer Institutes for students of dual universities) 

Please note:

In case of funding by e.g. Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes: Please clarify with the sponsors whether combinations with other scholarships are possible! 

It is worthwhile to google the respective destination country or embassy to see if they offer incomer scholarships, for example. 
Switzerland, for example, awards scholarships to visiting students, and so does the HSBA partner institution UNCC.

Preparation and Commitment


Cannot see the trees for the information forest? The International Office offers an annual International Evening, usually at the end of November. Here you will find a wealth of information on options to study abroad. An invitation is sent out in time via MS Teams. 

In the MS Teams channel International Office, you can find the application documents, the credit application and sample credits as well as experience reports from former outgoings (rather Bachelor).  

Language Skills

Language courses 

  • HSBA offers some language courses (usually Mandarin, Spanish and French) as part of the undergraduate general electives. 
  • HSBA students receive  discounted fees on language courses at our cooperation language school Colón
  • Language tandems with current inbound exchange students from our partners can be set up. Contact the International Office for assitance. 

International Committee 

The HSBA International Committee is happy to provide support and organises various activities for incoming students at HSBA. These range from Christmas market strolls to harbour tours, climbing forest tours to barbecues on the Alster or international cooking evenings. Network with students from our partner universities and get valuable information. 

The Buddy Programme is a great start-up aid for international students at HSBA. You can give an exchange student a helping hand and make it easier for them to arrive in Hamburg and at HSBA. If you are interested, please contact the International Committee.


We are happy to help!

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