Business Process Innovation

Business Process Innovation

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Business Process Innovation

Analyse and Design Processes

The Internet, cloud computing and mobile technologies as well as social media open opportunities for new organisations, new forms of business processes, and new ways for employee communication. This profile prepares you to understand, tackle and exploit strategic challenges and opportunities related to digital business process transformation. You will be able to demonstrate the ability to analyse and design a process by applying modelling techniques and tools and to define relevant process measurements. Additionally, you will learn how business processes are implemented using state of the art ERP Systems.


Prof. Dr. Kamyar Sarshar
Prof. Dr. Kamyar Sarshar
Professor of Business Informatics

Business Process Innovation Seminars

Title Format Duration Description
Process Transformation: Analysis and Design Mindset 8 hours Learn to assess company value chains, identify relevant end-to-end business processes and suggest process improvements, and to design a process by applying modeling techniques and tools.
Process Transformation and Management Mindset 8 hours Describe basic concepts of business process management (BPM), evaluate organisational aspects of BPM and demonstrate how the process management maturity can be assessed.
Business Process Implementation and Measurement Deep-Dive 16 hours Discuss business strategies in context of process organisations as well as the relation between quality and process management. Compare technological approaches to process implementation, describe basic aspects of change management and demonstrate the ability to define process measurements.
Business Process Analysis, Design and Implementation with SAP Implementation Workshop 32 hours Discuss the value chain of a company to define and analyse relevant processes and to design a major end-to-end business process by using BPMN. Identify KPIs for the designed process, use basic SAP features to implement the business process and develop a blueprint on how to manage organisational change.


Placeholder image lecturers

Dr. Bettina Hermes

Head of, Silpion IT-Solutions GmbH

Modules: Process Transformation: Analysis and Design, Business Process Implementation and Measurement

Placeholder image lecturers

Dirk Umbach


Modules: Business Process Analysis, Design and Implementation with SAP

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