Financing options for your Bachelor's degree at HSBA



Tuitions Fees & Financing Options

Next to the intertwining of theory and practice, what makes a dual study course so attractive, is that you are immediately financially independent and can hit the ground running without worrying about your finances.

The course fees amount to EUR 790 per month. But the companies generally pay most or even all of these course fees, at least if the student remains with the company after finishing his/her degree. In addition, students receive traineeship remuneration, the amount of which depends on the industry and company in question. Your income in the first year of study as a Bachelor student at HSBA could therefore look like this:

Sample Calculation

Salary 1000 Euro
Your Share of the Study Fees 150 Euro
Company Share of the Study Fees 640 Euro

According to this sample calculation, you would have a total of 850 euros per month at your disposal. After consulting with your parents, you often also receive child benefit to finance your studies. All in all, your income will allow you to fully concentrate on your studies and your career and therefore be financially independent as soon as you start your studies. Keep in mind that all conditions are decided individually with the partner company and can therefore deviate upwards or downwards from this sample calculation. Therefore, please discuss this in detail with your future company and ask about their study conditions.

As a student of a dual bachelor's degree in Germany  you have a duty to pay social security. Therefore you need to be insured via your partner company. More information can be obtained by your health insurance provider. 

Student Loans and BAföG

Students can also apply for student loans or BAföG funding. In principle, HSBA students are entitled to BAföG funding. However, it is necessary to check whether the permissible income limits are already exceeded by the remuneration paid by the partner companies. All important information needed to apply for BAföG funding can be found at: or BAföG Aktuell. You can also apply online. For any queries, contact the office for financial support responsible (Studierendenwerk Hamburg student services). 

To ensure that every prospective student who meets HSBA's acceptance criteria can pay for living expenses and his/her share of the course fees, even in exceptional situations, the KfW study loan, a state-funded loan, may also be an interesting option.

Further information you can find at and the CHE student loan test 2023 (in German)