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The 'Junge Akademie' @ HSBA


The compact business course for pupils

Junge Akademie

The business course for young professionals in Hamburg's economy

Would you like to discover the diversity and perspectives of the Hamburg job market or build up your knowledge of business and economic topics? Take the opportunity to make yourself known to renowned employers in Hamburg and increase your chances of getting the best apprenticeships or dual study places! Get sound business knowledge for a smart career start with the 'Junge Akademie'!

August 2023
8 Saturdays (in 6 months)
Tuition Fee:
360 euros (scholarships available)

Highlights of the 'Junge Akademie'

Your Benefits

  • Expand your knowledge of business and economical topics

  • Gain practical learning experience with fellow motivated pupils

  • Get to know renowned employers in Hamburg

  • Get direct access to a dual study place at HSBA

  • Exclusive attendance of the Hamburg Business Speed Date at HSBA

  • Funding through scholarships available

Content of the Programme

Topics and Programme Content of the 'Junge Akademie'

During the 'Junge Akademie', current economic topics and trends as well as basic knowledge related to business administration are taught on our new HSBA campus on eight Saturdays with a total of 32 teaching hours. The course furthermore offers you the opportunity to get to know selected Hamburg companies in depth during business speed dates and talks with invited speakers on topics such as entrepreneurship, career planning or sustainability. 

Please be aware that the programme is taught in German.


The 8 Modules

Economical Trends

  • What were the economic trends in the past and what are the megatrends of today?
  • How has communication in the last 20 years shifted and how will it develop in the future? 
  • What will be the economic and social impact of this shift? 
  • What does sustainability mean for us as consumers and what are the companies doing?

Start-up: How a Company is Created and Survives

  • Basic knowledge of setting up a business
  • What is a business plan and what does it depend on?
  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • Why do start-ups fail and what can be learned from this?

Planning Your Career

  • Your interests: Competences and professional potential
  • Apprenticeship and/or a study course: What is the right path for me? 
  • Industries and job profiles: What do we know and where are good development opportunities emerging? 
  • Soft skills in demand: Today and in the future

Applied Psychology

  • What is psychology? 
  • Why is psychology important for communication and the economy? 
  • Personality psychology with examples of practical tests and exercises
  • Industrial and organisational psychology and corporate cultures

Understanding Financial Markets

  • Why are financial markets needed in addition to the goods markets?
  • What happens on the financial markets? 
  • Why are there stock exchanges?
  • Speculation - a curse?

Project Management

  • Why do projects have to be managed?
  • The essential stages of a project
  • Which roles are important in project management?
  • Why do so many projects fail and how can this be avoided? 

Marketing and Sales

  • Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Marketing und Vertrieb?
  • Welche Rolle spielt die Marke in Marketing und Vertrieb?
  • Wie beeinflusst Social Media die Konzeption von Marketingkampagnen?
  • Welche Vertriebskanäle gibt es heute und wie sieht die Zukunft aus?

Die digitale Zukunft

  • What does digitalisation truly mean? 
  • How will our live change due to digitalisation? 
  • How can we prepare companies for this? 
  • What will differentiate the winners and the losers of digitalisation?


Module Start September 2023, Group 1 Start October 2023, Group 2
Module 1 "Economic Trends" 30 September 2023 7 October 2023
Module 2 "Start-up: How a Company is Created and Survives" 7 October 2023 4 November 2023
Module 3 "Planning Your Career" 28 October 2023 11 November 2023
Module 4 "Applied Psychology" 4 November 2023 18 November 2023
Module 5 "Understanding Financial Markets" 18 November 2023 25 November 2023
Module 6 "Project Management" 25 November 2023 2 December 2023
Module 7 "Marketing and Sales" 2 December 2023 9 December 2023
Module 8 "The Digital Future" 9 December 2023 16 December 2023


"The 'Junge Akademie' offers students the unique opportunity to build up practical knowledge on business and economical topics in a compact format that emphasises the fun of learning. Parallel to their school education, the young talents get to know renowned employers at HSBA and thus already start their career in Hamburg's economy."

Prof. Dr. Alkis Otto, Vice President Teaching & Didactics

"It was great to meet so many in my age group who are dealing with the same topics - and, unlike at school, voluntarily.'

Mandy G., Participant of the Junge Akademie 2022


"I was able to learn a lot from my time at the Junge Akademie. Not only did I meet new people, but I was also able to expand my knowledge of economic topics. At the same time, I also became aware of my personal strengths and which field of study I would like to pursue later.'

Siri S., Participant of the Junge Akademie 2022

Apply Now for Autumn 2023

You are...

... a pupil and aged between 16 and 19 years?
... able to speak German fluently?
... interested in economic topics?
... open for new experiences?

Then apply now for the 'Junge Akademie @ HSBA' and learn in a practical, fast and uncomplicated way what really matters in business.

Application deadline: 15.09.2023

The 'Junge Akademie' wants to enable participation to all students who are interested in economic topics and therefore offers some scholarships. Please let us know in your motivational letter the reasons as to why you should receive a scholarship. Scholarships are intended for particularly committed students, but financial reasons can also be taken into account. Please keep in mind that you have to apply for a scholarship until 31 August. 

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Hayarpi Manukyan

Hayarpi Manukyan

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