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Campus Life

Study at HSBA

Excellent Study Conditions on the HSBA Campus in Hamburg

We offer excellent study conditions and an active student life. Our facilities are modern and our campus in the heart of Hamburg is bright and friendly. During their studies at HSBA and the in-company-trainings, students receive academic support from teaching staff and help in all other issues from management. Our small study groups facilitate productive discussions and work. But what makes the atmosphere here at HSBA so special? This question can only be answered with “our students”. Apart from their demanding studies, they are still very motivated and participate in many student initiatives, committees and projects. Low dropout rates and high levels of students´ satisfaction are the result of this concept.

Studying and living in Hamburg

The friendly atmosphere of HSBA's city campus in the heart of Hamburg provides the best possible study conditions, while small study groups facilitate productive discussions and work. The library contains all literature, databases and journals relevant to studies. With our Digital Toolbox we offer optimal learning conditions and an environment to prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s digital challenges.

Hamburg is perfect for study, work and leisure. International and German students alike feel at home here, and it's no surprise that Hamburg is repeatedly cited as one of the best German cities to live in.

HSBA ensures that all new students feel right at home by offering individual support depending on each student's unique situation.

Student Engagement

We are very proud that our students get involved in many different committees and develop their personal and soft skills in extracurricular activities. As a student you can join, amongst others, the following committees: Committee for Community Projects, Entrepreneurs’ Club, Events Committee, HSBA Finance Club, HSBA Band, HSBA Cheerleading, HeartSBA (Social Committee), International Committee, Sports Committee, Stock Market Club, Trade Fair Team as well as a podcast "STUDENTENFUTTER".

Study Approach

HSBA’s academic approach follows the fundamental principle of duality: combining a challenging theoretical study programme with practical professional experience. Students acquire knowledge and methodological skills in lectures and apply these in practice, e.g. in problematic situations, projects and work settings provided by the partner companies. Based on these experiences, the knowledge acquired is then discussed, reflected upon and continuously expanded on in the lectures. In order to ensure sustained transfer of scientific theory to company practice, we select our teaching staff carefully. The HSBA currently has 25 full-time, specialised professors who are supported by around 150 lecturers. Interplay of academic excellence and extensive professional experience in well known companies is very important in this regard.

Attractive career prospects

The students receive a very good university education and are at the same time fit for the job market. More than 90 percent of the students receive job offers for the next career step in their partner company immediately after finishing their studies.


HSBA cooperates with various foreign universities both in the field of student exchange (Erasmus / Overseas) and teacher mobility. The study system of HSBA offers special opportunities for stays abroad. In return, exchange students also complete part of their studies at the HSBA. Due to the compatibility of the study programmes with the ECTS system, credits earned at other universities can also be recognised at the HSBA without any problems.

HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration is committed to the standards and goals of the National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Higher Education Institutions by Gate Germany and the German Rectors' Conference and implements the quality standards stated there for the study of foreigners at German universities.

Advisory Services & Student Representatives

Studying can pose challenges for everyone. How can I achieve a balance between studying, working and family commitments? How should I approach problems in the company? How can I reduce the pressure for third attempts and master the situation successfully? Students can also encounter personal problems that are unrelated to work or studies on a day-to-day basis. We provide an additional advisory service for students that deals with all of these matters. 

The student council and class spokepersons mediate between students, between students and the faculty and between students and the university administration. In addition, the HSBA students have developed rules for working together and getting along with each other – a code of honour.

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