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Digital Communication and Marketing Technologies

New Forms of Communication and New User Behaviour

Corporate communication must adapt to an increasingly digital and social media environment with new forms of communication, new user behaviour and new third-party intermediaries. The changes are fundamental and multi-faceted: from campaign-driven to continuous communication, from external asset production to in-house content creation, from structured one-way communication to permanent many-to-many relationship management – to name just a few.

Prof. Dr. Goetz Greve, HSBA
Prof. Dr. Goetz Greve

Professor of Business Administration with a focus on Sales / Marketing

+49 40 822160-927

Digital Communication and Marketing Technologies

Title Format Duration Description
Social Media Advertising Mindset 8 hours Learn to navigate the main social-media advertising platforms and plan and execute advertising campaigns in social media channels. Get acquainted with tagging, tracking and targeting techniques, and generally understand the advantage of data access in digital advertising.
Search Engine Optimisation and Advertising (SEO/SEA) Mindset 8 hours Learn the basics of successful search engine advertising, search engine optimisation and ranging signals, respectively.
Integrated Corporate Communication Deep-Dive 16 hours The seminar will cover central questions concerning the targets of communication, the characteristics and efficiency of different advertising media and how to integrate them in advertising campaigns in order to create synergies.
Social Media Communication Implementation Workshop 32 hours Analyse a given Social Media presence, prepare a concept for that presence and execute part of it by creating content for a target audience. Understand how to deal with a communication crisis (e.g. Shitstorm) in social media.


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Volker Rossius

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