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Transfer between science and economy, teaching and research

Research at HSBA

We do research for Hamburg: modern, open-ended and application-oriented

Research Profile

Transfer Between Science and Economy, Teaching and Research

HSBA combines application-oriented teaching with excellent research. With 30 professors and 20 doctoral students (see faculty), HSBA works on current issues that are relevant for corporations in the field of business administration and related disciplines. Our research activities create added value for the economy and support young academics through our cooperative doctoral programme. All departments of HSBA are involved in research, academic continuing education and teaching. Our university members are committed to the guidelines of good scientific practice.

Research and Transfer

HSBA maintains strategic partnerships with 300 cooperation companies and other partners to enable a smooth transfer of current research findings into business practice and to solve problems collaboratively. For this purpose, we offer various cooperation possibilities:


Contract Research

Our experts from HSBA as well as our independent institutes, take over research contracts commissioned by third parties. We offer support in solving current corporate issues utilizing modern and scientifically proven methods. The aim of contract research is to generate know-hows, especially for our cooperation companies, to increase their competitiveness and at the same time to strengthen the quality of teaching at HSBA with the latest findings and knowledge. 


Grant Research

Externally funded third-party projects are also an important premise of research at HSBA. The research results from third-party funded projects are made available to the general public through publications. Sponsors are, for example, the European Union, federal ministries, foundations, public authorities or supra-regional research funding institutions.


Focus Areas of Research

In a regular selection process, we identify the research fields that are competitive and have a potential to initiate new research priorities. The constitution of research priorities is intended to promote cooperation and enable research and teaching activities to achieve a higher level of productivity and visibility.  In addition, the University Council decides on a three-year research strategy in which trend-setting research priorities are institutionally strengthened. The "Foundation for Advancing HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration" utilizes its funds to support both research projects outside the institutionally anchored focal points as well as research by the faculty that is crucial for higher education strategy.

Business Ethics

Our research in business ethics focuses on strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR), governance and sustainable management. Every year, the Corporate Social Responsibility Summer School discusses the current challenges of this research area with young international researchers.

Medium-sized and Family Businesses

Here, the focus is on specific challenges facing (Hamburg) medium-sized and family-owned companies. Although the majority of German companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and they are often family-run, they are rarely taken into account in public and economic policy. Under the direction of the Institute for Mittelstand and Family Enterprises (IMF), we consider the SME sector as a driver of innovation, technology and economy in Germany. With our research we would like to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized family enterprises.


Digitalisation is increasingly influencing the way we communicate, live and do business. This research area investigates the development of digitisation in business models, processes and products. So far, the insurance and financial sectors have been in focus. But also, the question to what extent the function of marketing is changed by digital communication and which chances digital business models offer for sustainable business are topics of this research area.


Research Projects

An overview of current and completed economic and non-economic third-party funded research projects can be found here. Further research activities and scientific publications by HSBA professors can be found on the research news page and in the publications database.

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Susanne Müller-Using

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Susanne Müller-Using, HSBA

Susanne Müller-Using

Senior Manager Research
+49 40 822160-911

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