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Research Projects

Overview of ongoing and completed third-party projects

All research activities of HSBA professors can be found in the publication database. This page gives an overview of ongoing and completed third-party projects.

Ongoing Research Projects

TreuMed - Development and testing of data fiduciary models using the example of distributed artificial intelligence in medicine

Involved persons at HSBA Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer, HSBA
Duration 2022 – 2025
Funding Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
Cooperation partner Joint project with the University of Hamburg (Prof. Dr. Baumbach, Prof. Dr. Buchholtz) and the University of Greifswald (Prof. Dr. Voelker, Prof. Dr. Grebe)
Project idea Development and testing of data trust models and corresponding business concepts in medicine using the example of "distributed artificial intelligence"

Completed Research Projects

FutureProof Skills for the Maritime Transport Sector - Skillsea

Involved persons at HSBA Prof. Dr. Orestis Schinas, Prof. Dr. Max Johns
Duration 2019 - 2022
Funding European Union, Erasmus+ (Key Action 2 – Sector Skill Alliances)
Project idea Development of common European training concept for the maritime industry, which shall compensate the shortage of skilled workers in that industry.

Strategy development to improve the Linkedin presence of Fundingport

Involved persons at HSBA Prof. Dr. Stefan Prigge
Duration October 2022 - January 2023
Funding Fundingport & HSBA
Project idea This project is about Fundingport's LinkedIn presence and its improvement. In the first part of the project, the previous performance of Fundingport's LinkedIn presence is to be measured and compared with the performance of competitors using suitable indicators. Based on this, a LinkedIn strategy for Fundingport will be developed in the second part of the project.

Study Sustainable Finance-Studie for Germany Finance

Involved persons at HSBA Prof. Dr. Stefan Prigge, Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz and 6 Bachelor students from the HSBA Finance Club
Duration July - December 2022
Funding Germany Finance
Project idea Germany Finance commissioned HSBA to evaluate the performance of Germany as a sustainable finance location in a European comparison.

Fundingport x HSBA

Improving usability research for Fundingport's funding platforms.

Participants of the HSBA Prof. Dr. Stefan Prigge, students of the HSBA
Duration April - August 2022
Cooperation partner Fundingport through the managing director Maria Starke and the project manager Svea Keppeler
Project content Investigation and evaluation of Fundingport's usability research approach to date and development of suggestions for improvement, including application tests.

Metroplan x HSBA

A cooperation based on partnership in the sense of knowledge transfer

Involved persons at HSBA Prof. Dr. Dirk Max Johns, Students of HSBA
Duration 25 February 2022 – August 2022
Cooperation partner Managing Director of Metroplan, Dr. Manuel Schrapers
Project ideas Development of a market study to examine the characteristics of international site selection processes in more detail.

Hypoport x HSBA

A cooperative partnership in the sense of knowledge transfer

Participants of the HSBA Prof. Dr. Stefan Prigge, students of the HSBA
Duration March - July 2022
Cooperation partner Hypoport SE, Innovation Manager Julia Niepold
Project content Examination of the opportunities and risks of DE&I for Hypoport

Corporate financing of the maritime industry in Germany

With special consideration of asset-based financing options

Involved persons at HSBA Prof. Dr. Drik Max Johns, Jan Apel
Duration 20 May 2021 – Start of 2022
Funding Capital Market Research Foundation, Capital Market Law, Corporate Finance and Capital Markets for Germany as a Financial Location
Project ideas Finding solutions on how to balance the disparity between the real and financial economy in the maritime sector.

Stay Home - Stay Together

Involved persons at HSBA Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz, Cindy Kubsch, Franziska Buttler
Duration June 2020 - September 2020
Funding Claussen-Simon-Stiftung ("Was zählt!"-Fonds für Lehre und Lernen)
Project ideas Testing original event formats for a heterogeneous audience on the subject of "digital change"
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