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Study Abroad Options & Financing options

Going Abroad

From Hamburg to the world

International experience, foreign language skills and intercultural competencies are generally necessary key qualifications in professional life. That's why HSBA promotes intercultural exchange at all levels. Learning how to be flexible and open to any things new, and, of course, new friendships from all parts of the world are just a few good reasons to spend some time abroad during your degree studies. Find out more about our international partnerships and the differnt options available to you for gaining experience abroad during your HSBA studies.

Please note that the organisation of a typical semester abroad (four to six months usually) may be challenging because your degree has a part-time structure. On the one hand, the postgraduate programmes at HSBA are not divided into typical semesters. Secondly, you will need to include your comapany early on in the planning stages, and gain their approval. 

Participating in a summer/winter school or similar intensive programme may suit your timetable better. These programmes usually last four to eight weeks. Please have a look at our partner  institutions and check whether postgraduate courses are offered. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office where there is also available an up to date list of current programme offers.
Informationen about the organisation and application processes can be found at "Organisation & Application".

Study Abroad Options


Erasmus+ is THE European Union's exchange programme and has been promoting European exchanges for students, professors, and university staff since 1987. The current programme generation runs from 2021-2027 and focuses on sustainability, digitalisation, and social participation.

HSBA participates in the programme track KA131 "Mobility of Individuals", which can be a semester abroad (SMS) or an internship abroad (SMP) for students.
The prerequisite is an existing partnership between HSBA and the institution abroad. 

A semester abroad must last at least three months and an internship abroad at least two months for Erasmus+ funding to apply.

Advantages for students

  • No tuition fees and language examinations at the host university.

  •  Financial support for a minimum stay (studies: min. 3 months, internship: min. 2 months), the amount of support depends on the destination; there are three country groups graded according to living expenses.

  • Special grants for students with special needs or with children.

  • Special grants for green travel expected from 2021 onwards.

  • Simplified application procedure. Students are supported in this process by the HSBA International Office and the partner university.

  • ERASMUS+ online language courses for preparation.

  • Language courses at partner universities (mostly free of charge or small contribution).

  • Advice and support from subject coordinators at the home and host universities.

  • Accommodation in halls of residence at the host university or support in finding accommodation.

  • Networks throughout Europe, e.g., the ERASMUS Student Network (ESN).

  • Experience reports from former HSBA outgoings can be found in the MS Teams channel International Office.

HSBA received the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 from the European Union in December 2020 and cooperates with partner institutions   throughout Europe.  Students may find their rights and obligations in the Erasmus+ Student Charter.

Other Partner Universities (worldwide)

In addition to its European partner universities, HSBA also maintains partnerships with institutions worldwide . The network is constantly being monitored. 

Advantages for students

  • No tuition fees at the host university*.

  • In most cases, no official language certificate such as TOEFL or similar is required. After successful acceptance, a confirmation of language skills for English can be issued by HSBA’s International Office.

  • Simplified application procedure. Students are supported in this process by the International Offices of the sending and receiving university.

  • Usually support in the visa process by the receiving university.

  • Experience reports from former HSBA outgoings can be found in the MS Teams channel International Office.

  • Financing options are listed in the section ”Financing“.


    *Tuition fees apply at the University of Dubai (see the Fact Sheet for the tuition fees).

Free Mover

You have not found what you're looking for at our partner universities? Then there is the option of going abroad as a Free Mover and finding a suitable university yourself. 

Please note:

  • Usually, the universities charge tuition fees, which can vary in amount (as in the USA, for example).
  • Possibly, the language confirmation for English from the HSBA International Office will not be recognised and an official language certificate (e.g. TOEFL or EILTS for English) must be submitted.
  • The application deadline of 15.03. for places at partner universities does NOT apply here. The deadlines of the respective university apply.
  • Have the possible credit transfer from abroad checked at an early stage. See "Step 3: Credit Transfer of Foreign Study Achievements ".
  • Not every university/institution abroad is recognised as a university in Germany. Please contact the International Office if you have selected a university and are unsure about its recognition.
  • Experience reports from former HSBA outgoings can be found in the MS Teams channel International Office.
  • Financing options are listed in the section "Financing". 

The HSBA International Office will of course support you in planning and realizing the mobility.


Summer / Winter Schools

Going abroad only for a short time? A semester abroad doesn't fit into your or your companies plan? An intensive, short programme like a summer or winter school may be a good alternative.

What is a Summer/ Winter School?

  • Usually four- to eight-week intensive programmes with participants from all over the world
  • General study content or also topic-specific courses
  • Credits may be transferable to your HSBA degree programme
  • Various social programmes to get to know culture, country and it's people
  • Application management, deadlines, arrival and departure, accommodation etc. are usually organised by participants themselves. 
  • Often attractive discounts at partner institutions, e.g., BI Oslo in Norway or at Algebra in Croatia.
  • Experience reports from former HSBA outbound students can be found in the MS Teams channel International Office.
  • Do check possible credit transfer from abroad at an early stage. See Step 4: Credit Transfer of Foreign Study Achievements.
  • Financing options are listed in the section Financing

A table with short programmes known to us is listed in the Team Outgoings. Further offers can be found on the internet, e.g. at Summer Schools in Europe


There are numerous financing opportunities for the various options of a stay abroad. Usually, these are partial scholarships that do not cover the entire expenses for a stay abroad:



Financial support via the EU's Erasmus+ programme is possible for a minimum stay of three months (study) at an European partner university and two months (internship) in na European company. The amount is based on certain country categories, graded according to the living expenses in the respective countries. The HSBA International Office will make available the required documents to obtain the scholarship in good time.


The PROMOS scholarship programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Funding is available for semesters abroad at non-European partner universities, for Free Movers, and for attending short programmes such as summer schools. The funds are awarded on a calendar year basis. The International Office annually sends out the call for applications with the current funding conditions at the end of April/beginning of May of each year. Please note: PROMOS cannot be combined with Erasmus+ or other DAAD funding.

German Academic Exchange Service DAAD

The DAAD scholarship database lists various scholarships and funding opportunities.

Auslands-BAföG (German student grant)

An application may be worthwhile even if you do not receive domestic BAföG.

GO EAST Summer Schools

The DAAD announces scholarships for Summer Schools for countries in Central, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe as well as the South Caucasus and Central Asia.

Institut Ranke Heinemann

Grants scholarships to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

GOstralia und GOzealand

Grants scholarships to Australia and New Zealand.

Fulbright Commission

Offers various scholarship programmes for the USA (e.g. Summer Institutes for students at dual universities)-


In the case of funding from e.g., the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes: Please clarify with the sponsors whether combinations with other scholarships are possible!

It is worthwhile to google the respective destination country or embassy to see if they offer incomer scholarships, for example.

This list will be extended as soon as further funding opportunities become known.

Preparation and Commitment


Do you have questions or worries regarding your time abroad? Not sure what the next steps are? Twice a year, at the end of November and the end of January, there is a general information session run by the HSBA  International Office via Teams. Aprt from this, you are welcome to contact the International Office staff at any time. Do not hesitate to get in touch as it is generally a good idea to clarify doubts as early as possible. 

In the MS Teams channel Outgoings, you can find relevant application documents, the credit application document and information on the process as well as testimonials from former HSBA outbound students. 


Language courses

As part of the General Electives, you have the option to study a language. Further, HSBA students receive a discount on language courses at the language school Colón.

International Committee

The HSBA International Committee is happy to provide support and organises various activities for incoming students at HSBA. These range from Christmas market strolls to harbour tours, climbing forest tours to barbecues on the Alster or international cooking evenings. Network with students from our partner universities and get valuable information.

The Buddy Programme is a great start-up aid for international students at HSBA. You can give an exchange student a helping hand and make it easier for them to arrive in Hamburg and at HSBA. If you are interested, please contact the International Committee. 

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help.

Esther Stracke, HSBA
Esther Stracke
Senior Manager International Office
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