Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

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Our event formats

HSBA Business Talk

 Prof. Dr. Max Johns, Vice President for Research & International Affairs of HSBA, and Prof. Dr. Alkis Otto, Vice President for Teaching & Didactics, will interview top decision-makers from our cooperation companies.

HSBA Insights

The HSBA Insights series offers events that are primarily aimed at our students. In online or face-to-face events, they can get to know important partners and committees of our university. In addition, workshops are offered that are important for personal and professional development.

HSBA Beyond Business

In the new HSBA Beyond Business series, events are held that go beyond pure business administration. Political and social topics are addressed here as well as questions around digitalization and sustainability.

HSBA Business Lounge

The HSBA Business Lounge series offers events aimed at our students, partners and anyone interested in HSBA. In online or face-to-face events, we present interesting topics from the field of business.