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STUDENTENFUTTER is a podcast by students for students. It offers snackable content to all stakeholders of the HSBA, anytime and anywhere. Every Monday, a new episode from one of the four exciting formats is released on all popular podcast platforms.

Studentenfutter Podcast

The podcast by students for students

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Our podcast formats


In the Business format, hosts Finn Reichstein, Cornelius van de Loo and Hannes Hicken interview managing directors, founders and other big names in the business scene and make exciting facts about companies and business models available for everyone to hear.


In the People format, Melissa Hogenkamp, Jenna Schacht, Hanna Schmuck and Anna-Marija Tubic invite people to speak, focussing in particular on the guest's individual story. So you can look forward to exciting life journeys, captivating topics, private stories and exclusive learnings.


The special format - as the name suggests - is not a regular format, but is dedicated exclusively to special topics and occasions. The STUDENTENFUTTER hosts take you behind the scenes of exclusive events, talk to our guests about extraordinary events and offer you an insight into topics that are somehow different - simply special.


In the old Insights format, our hosts delved into the depths of everyday university life for you and gave you exclusive insights into student life at HSBA. Exciting interviews on topics such as a semester abroad, the committees or academic work were also on the programme. These episodes are still available on the STUDENTENFUTTER platforms.

Always in touch

STUDENTENFUTTER is active on Instagram at @studentenfutter.podcast and on LinkedIn, where we'll always keep you up to date. Never miss a new episode or spontaneous promotions (small competitions, clubhouse sessions, and more). Do you still have THE person in mind that you want to hear in our podcast? Then send us an email to Studentenfutter(at)myhsba.de.


STUDENTENFUTTER was founded in 2019 during the Hackathon by five motivated HSBA students. The idea was to develop a student podcast that connects university, students, and companies and makes knowledge accessible at any time. In the summer of 2020, four of the five founding members graduated from HSBA and the STUDENTENFUTTER team was joined by some new faces. By now, the team consists of 11 dedicated bachelor's and master's students from HSBA, who give everything in front and behind of the mic to always provide you with the newest and exciting audio content.

The Team

Our Hosts: Finn Reichstein (Co-Team Lead & #Business Host), Cornelius van de Loo (#Business Host), Hannes Hicken (#Business Host), Melissa Hogenkamp (Co-Team Lead & #People Host), Jenna Schacht (#People Host), Hanna Schmuck (#People Host), and Anna-Marija Tubic (#People Host)

Our Socials: Nike Kluge (Marketing & Communication), Isabel Kiessling (Marketing & Communication), Hannah Kruse (Marketing & Communication), and Paul Pöls (Social Media Content Creation)

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