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Partner Universities of HSBA


With ERASMUS HSBA offers its students and lecturers a great possibility to study abroad and moreover has cooperations with international universities.

Partner Universities

Country (City) Name Type Status Partnership Note
Greece (Athen) Alba Graduate Business School Master ERASMUS+ Bilateral Partnership Contract MSc only, incl. accommodation and meals
Hungary (Budapest) Andrássy Gyula Budapesti Staff exchange ERASMUS+ Student exchange not possible
Norway (Oslo) BI Norwegian Business School Bachelor / Master ERASMUS+ Bilateral Partnership Agreement BSc (5 places) + MSc (1 place), in the Bachelor: only 4 courses can be taken (30 ECTS)
Hungary (Budapest) Budapest Business School Bachelor ERASMUS+ It is not possible to attend both faculties
USA (Chicago) DePaul University Chicago Executive Guest Lectures MoU Student exchange not possible
United Kingdom (Edinburgh) Edinburgh Napier University Cooperative doctorate programme MoU Student exchange not possible
France (various) Ecole de Management de Normandie Bachelor / Master ERASMUS+ for semester abroad: (reduced) tuition fees apply 4000€ for 30 ECTS (130€/ 1 ECTS + 100€ application fee)
Spain (Madrid) ESIC Madrid Bachelor ERASMUS+
Spain (Valencia) ESIC Valencia Bachelor ERASMUS+
Brazil (São Paulo) Escola de Economia de São Paulo (FGV-EESP) Bachelor/Master MoU Prerequisite for exchange semester: B2 level in their National language
Spain (Bilbao) Escuela Universitaria de la Cámara de Comercio de Bilbao Bachelor ERASMUS+ Minor/Major Marketing only Recommended: B2 level national language as larger selection of courses possible
Switzerland (Bern) Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) Bachelor ERASMUS+ Bilateral Partnership Agreement Switzerland awards scholarships for visiting students, part of which is teaching in German.
Finland (Helsinki) Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Bachelor ERASMUS+ Modules for BSc BA and BSc BI well substitutable
People's Republic of China (Hong Kong) The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) Bachelor MoU Modules of the BSc LM well substitutable
Finland (Helsinki) Helsinki Metropolia Business School Bachelor ERASMUS+ Semester abroad: modules fit well for BSc LM
Argentina (Buenos Aires) IAE Business School Buenos Aires Master MoU MSc Business Development Students will take part in MBA courses
India (New Delhi & Guragram) IILM Institute for Higher Education New Delhi & Gurugram Bachelor MoU If you are interested, please contact the HSBA International Office to find out if there is a possibility of an exchange.
Costa Rica (San José de Costa Rica) LEAD University Bachelor / Master MoU Semester abroad: National language B2 recommended
Austria (Innsbruck) MCI Management Center Innsbruck Staff and Teaching Mobility ERASMUS+ Student exchange not possible
Taiwan (Republic of China R.O.C.) (New Taipei City) National Taipei University (NTPU) Bachelor / Master / Faculty Exchange MoU
Netherlands (Rotterdam) Rotterdam Business School Bachelor ERASMUS+ Bilateral Partnership Contract Limited course choice
USA (Selinsgrove, PA) Sigmund Weis School of Business, Susquehanna University Bachelor MoU Exchange semester: Study fees payable
Republic of Korea (Daejeon) SolBridge International School of Business | Partner Uni Bachelor/Master MoU If there are no more exchange places, further places are available with reduced tuition fees
Russian Federation (St. Petersburg) Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics UNECON Bachelor MoU
USA (New York) State University of New York at Oswego Bachelor / Master ERASMUS+ Semester abroad: tuition fees apply
Mexico (Mexico City and others) Tecnológico de Monterrey Bachelor Agreement 31 campuses throughout Mexico Semester abroad possible at the following destinations depending on course choice: Monterrey or Guadalajara; offers Winter School and Summer Schools
Turkey (Istanbul) Türk-Alman Üniversitesi | Turkish-German University Bachelor ERASMUS+ BSc (3 places), MSc (1 place) Teaching in German
Belgium (Diepenbeek) UC Leuven-Limburg Bachelor ERASMUS+ Limburg
Spain (Almería) Universidad de Almería Bachelor ERASMUS+ Recommended: B2 level national language, greater choice of courses possible
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) University of Dubai Bachelor/Master MoU Additional study fees have to be paid to the University of Dubai.
People's Republic of China (Ningbo) University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) Bachelor MoU Scholarships from UNNC may be available, modules of BSc BI well substitutable
Italy (Pisa) University of Pisa Bachelor ERASMUS+ only BSc
Poland (Warsaw) Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) Bachelor ERASMUS+
Turkey (Istanbul) Yeditepe Üniversitesi Bachelor ERASMUS+ Partnership with the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Studies and Faculty of Commerce (inlc. Intern. Logistics and Transportation)
The Netherlands (Maastricht) Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Bachelor ERASMUS+


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