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Studying can pose challenges for everyone. How can I achieve a balance between studying, working and family commitments? How should I approach problems in the company? How can I reduce the pressure for third attempts and master the situation successfully? Students can also encounter personal problems that are unrelated to work or studies on a day-to-day basis. We provide an advisory service for you that deals with all of these matters. The service focuses on tailored support and advice with respect to personal and study-related issues. Further Information you will find on this leaflet. Any discussions are of course treated confidentially, and aim to help you make decisions more easily.

Our Coaches

Jessika Gerdau

Communication, conflict management, creativity

Focus of training:

  • Communication & rhetoric
  • Presentation & facilitation techniques
  • Finding ideas & creativity techniques
  • Storylining & writing texts professionally
  • Conflict management

Special qualifications & training:

  • Studied business administration (Betriebswirtschaftslehre) with psychology (Dipl.-Kauffrau)
  • Trained as a management assistant in advertising
  • Communication advisor and trainer at Roland Berger & Partner
  • Several years of experience as an executive in the area of further training
  • Established and developed the field of soft skills at Management Circle AG

Send email: Jessika Gerdau

Dr. Malte Krohn

Mindful self-management, creativity & innovation, communication

My offers for students:

  • Self-leadership: creating a balance between professional goals and personal well-being
  • Mindfulness and stress management in dynamic work environments
  • Strengthening creativity as a resource for personal problem solving
  • Finding and developing ideas
  • Communication skills

My projects and qualifications:

  • Coach, facilitator and consultant for founders, start-ups and innovative teams (
  • Lecturer for entrepreneurship, mindful self-management, design thinking and communication skills
  • Faculty Innovation Fellow at the of Stanford University
  • Industry-based doctorate in innovation management
  • Certified yoga and meditation teacher

Coaching is available in German and English. You can find out more about me and my work on LinkedIn!


Kerstin Ratzeburg

Management, conflict management, self-empowerment, development of professional prospects

My motto: “Only someone who feels understood is willing to allow himself to be understood and guided.” (Emil Oesch)

Based on that motto, I am happy to assist you in working through your issue in a professional, enthusiastic and respectful way. You can benefit from my many years of experience in assisting students on dual study programmes in companies and coaching numerous executives and employees.

More information? KR

Send email: Kerstin Ratzeburg

Dr. Stefanie Schönbach-Fuleda

Career Coaching, Communication, Conflict Management, Self-Management

My offer for students:

  • Motive analysis: Knowing your own mindset
  • Developing an individual competence profile
  • Improve communication: Resolve conflicts, be strong in negotiations, acquire leadership skills.
  • Reviewing time and self-management, self-regulation for stage fright and exam anxiety
  • Networking techniques, social media profile
  • Decision-making - head or gut?
  • Project management agile or classic?

Qualification & Education:

  • Interdisciplinary doctorate in psychology and pedagogy
  • Commercial training in tax and business consultancy
  • Master Coaching Training and Profile Dynamics Consultant
  • Interview expert in personnel selection
  • Burnout consultant 

Important professional stations

  • Personnel selection in cooperations (Beiersdorf, Lufthansa Technik AG, etc.)
  • Head of the training department at EssoAG
  • Project manager in business and science
  • Coach in the project Excellence in Teaching at HAW-Hamburg
  • Coach in the project ProExzellenzia, Women in Leadership Positions

Send email: stefanie(at)

Rita Schünemann

Concentration and learning difficulties, procrastination, fears, specifically fear of exams and failure, difficulties adjusting, dealing with conflict

My focus of advice:

  • Concentration and learning difficulties
  • Procrastination
  • Fears, specifically fear of exams and failure
  • Difficulties adjusting (transition from school to university and company, moving away from home)
  • Dealing with conflict (inner conflict, conflict with others, conflicting objectives)

A few words about my background:

  • Studied psychology in Hamburg, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, USA, Qualification: M.A.
  • Year-long internship in the counselling centre of a US university
  • More than 20 years of experience in training/HR at a large firm
  • Lecturer at HSBA, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), ottogroup (mainly in English)

Coaching can also be provided in English.

Send email: Rita Schünemann

Monika Spehr

Communication, conflict management, time management

“Think differently” – Sometimes it just takes a little push to get things started – you just have to do it!

I get the greatest satisfaction possible from my work when people grow beyond their limitations, reinvent themselves and master personal development goals with my support.
Like my clients, coachees and seminar participants, I consider it important not to become complacent, to be challenged and to always remain curious and flexible. That is the only way that I can fulfil the demands made on me as a trainer, advisor and coach.
In addition, I truly love to network – both in my personal and professional life.
Organising things, bringing people together and encouraging an active exchange as well as commitment – those are all things that are important to me.
For me, laughter and humour are the spice of life. To relax, I meet with friends, play with my children and enjoy good conversations. Self irony and a certain black sense of humour help me to overcome obstacles, thus often allowing me to take positive things from a negative situation.
I am an absolute pragmatist.
In my view, every theory must be applicable in practice to work and personal life.

Professional Development and Experience

  • Qualified psychologist (Diplom Psychologin) since 1999
  • Freelance trainer, facilitator, mediator and coach since 2002
  • 2002-2003 Design and management of the assessment centre team:
  • strengths profile AC with individual coaching, Dekra Akademie Hamburg
  • 1999-2002 Employed as the Head of Personal & Personnel Development at Palmers Deutschland AG, Munich
  • 1995-1999 Alongside studying: worked as a trainer at Palmers Deutschland AG
  • 1994-1995 Tormin business consultancy firm
  • 1992-1995 Lufthansa AG, management and training of the student check-in team

Send email: Monika Spehr

Katja Witthöft

Career development, personal conflicts, stress & fear of exams

This is what I can offer:

Extensive business experience, e.g. as an IT consultant, project manager, and an in-depth knowledge of human behaviour provide a valuable background for my resource-based work as a process enabler, trainer and coach.The basic qualification for this career path was a degree in technical IT (Technische Informatik). When I trained as a change manager in 2003, I took a new direction and have continued on this path ever since thanks to ongoing specialist training. I also get the vitality and creativity for my work from regular improvisation theatre.

My current areas of focus are:

  • Coaching for executives, employees and freelancers
  • Developing a vision and accompanying the process in the active phases of further development in companies from all industries
  • Training in the field of self-organisation, communication and presentation

Send email: Katja Witthöft

Silke Wöhrmann

Coaching, mentoring, potential analysis

Here is a brief introduction:

Silke Wöhrmann, Dipl.-Kfm., employee development specialist, trainer and advisor in profit and non-profit organisations; focus on executive development, business coaching, advising organisations in relation to personnel development and organisational development processes; lecturer for social skills, advertising and business psychology, and management at Hamburg School of Business Administration as well as at the School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences at Universität Hamburg. Founder and managing shareholder of APT Marketing für Bildung, including the ‘Education Nights’.

Anyone who agrees to be coached accepts a little ‘management support’ in a certain situation in order to resolve that situation. A coach uses his or her professional knowledge to put him or herself in the position of the coachee, examining the specific personal question and supporting the coachee in developing new paths and deriving measures that promote development.

At university, such situations include for example thinking about a change of study programme, exam pressure, thinking of abandoning the study programme, questions about one’s own objectives, combining family with work and studying, etc. There are lots of issues that concern us in this stage of our lives.

The coach is the “person at your side for a certain period” with corresponding qualifications, natural empathy and an absolutely non-judgemental approach.
It is always helpful to choose a coach that has already gone through the experience of studying, is familiar with the university environment and has helped lots of people in companies and at university. As coaches at HSBA, we have this specialist knowledge and pass it on to our coachees in an absolutely confidential manner such that very individual questions or issues can be resolved.

I also train coaches and for the past 25 years have been helping everyone from pupils to experienced entrepreneurs in achieving their goals. As a lecturer, I am familiar with the university environment. As a businessperson, I also know about business life. Of course I also attended university (and have not forgotten what it was like). I would be happy to discuss what exactly to expect from coaching at an initial introductory meeting. We can then see whether we work well together and how we would like to work together.

If you want to read more about my style of coaching, take a look here:
APT/Human Management

Send email: Silke Wöhrmann

Services of the Hamburger Studierendenwerk

„In addition to the services of the above-mentioned coaches, you are also welcome to use the counselling services of the Hamburger Studierendenwerk.

The BeSI (Counselling Centre for Social & International Affairs) and the BeSt (Counselling Centre for Study Financing) are available to answer your questions about social, financial and international matters. Please contact both counselling centres directly to make an appointment.