For Students Code of Honour

Code of Working Together

Since 2009, the students have a “code of honour” that they developed from the guiding principles. The code of honour was revised in 2011 to reflect the new guiding principles.

Use The Day

We see and grasp opportunities and challenges for our professional and private lives every day. We search for new ways creatively and independently.

Innovative Action

Our thinking knows no limits. We question things and search independently for new solutions.

Basis of Working Together

We cultivate respectful behaviour. Our conduct towards one another is characterised by open communication and mutual trust.

Ethical Responsibility

We pursue ambitious goals and are aware that in all our efforts the responsibility for society and the economy must always have a high value.

Passionate Commitment

We are motivated, we can deal with stress and we are willing to perform. We are a strong community – we reach our goals together.

Forum of Knowledge

At HSBA we embrace the ethos of the dual course of study. We enrich the lectures at the university with the practical experience gained in the companies training us.

Bearers of Values

We all are and remain representatives of HSBA and transport the Hanseatic spirit of the university beyond our studies. We are all committed to the interests of the university.