Welcome to the Finance Club page of the HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration!

The Finance Club was founded in 2020 and aims to offer those interested in finance at our university a supportive and inclusive platform for exchange, networking and further education. Whether you are a finance professional or a stock market novice, we bring together everyone who enjoys the topic of finance - regardless of your level of knowledge and experience.

What we offer:

The current leadership team of the Finance Club has set itself the goal of optimising the existing structure of the club so that cooperation and exchange between members can be promoted even better. To this end, 3 sections have been created: Events & Relations, Finance Blog and Social Media. 
The Events & Relations section deals with one of the core elements of the club: the organisation and coordination of events with external experts. In the past, we have been able to attract the Vice President Finance @ HSV, the Head of Distribution & Corporate Communications @ Scalable Capital, a Director EMEIA Financial Services @ EY and many other exciting speakers as guests. In addition, exciting competitions are organised for the entire HSBA, such as the annual HSBA Finance Club Advent Calendar or stock market simulation games. Many other exciting formats are also being planned for the future. 
The HSBA Finance Blog is a newsletter on the topic of finance, by students - for students. The team of authors researches and produces a monthly issue with interesting articles, e.g. monthly market updates on various asset classes, national and international economic policy news, stock analyses or job perspectives. For more information, see hsbafinanceblog.com. 
The Social Media Team takes care of the Finance Club's internal and external advertising strategy and accordingly works closely with the other teams. This includes HSBA internal communications as well as managing the Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for motivated and interested students who enjoy finance and are happy to take on project responsibility. Proactive collaboration, both in terms of content and administration, is particularly important to us, as this is the only way we can maximise our success. It is not important to us whether and how much knowledge and experience you already have, everyone is welcome here and gets the chance to further their education.

Introduction of the management team

We are Ana, Felix, Julius and Linus and have been leading the Finance Club since Q2 2022. We are studying Business Administration in our Bachelor's degree at HSBA and are in the 2020 class. What we have in common is, of course, a fundamental interest in finance, but also organisational strength, the will to make a difference and to take on responsibility. Our partner companies are Jungheinrich (Anastasia Djokic), Commerzbank (Felix Knabe), Berenberg (Julius Voigt) and Vattenfall (Linus Leiendecker). We are happy to answer any questions you may have about finance, the Finance Club or the HSBA.