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Event Committee

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If you really feel like celebrating and want to experience the HSBA spirit to the fullest, then you've come to the right place with us, the Event Committee, also known as HSBA Events. With the events, we pursue the goal of promoting the togetherness of students at HSBA in order to achieve exchange and cohesion across years, courses and tracks. Our tasks include brainstorming, planning, marketing and implementing events of all kinds. We coordinate with HSBA, contact clubs, market the events via university groups and social media and sell the tickets.
Whether it's the beginning or end of the semester, Christmas, freshers' or summer parties, we can think of a suitable celebration for every season. Events we've organised so far include an underground rave, the Christmas party 2023 at Café Schöne Aussichten with 400 people and classic club nights at "Thomas Read".

How can you help?

 We often communicate when new members are needed who enjoy organising unforgettable parties and have a lot of motivation. Previous experience is not mandatory.
 If you have a cool idea or know of a crazy location, get in touch with us and maybe that's how the next great party will come about.
We look forward to seeing you! 

See you soon 
HSBA Events