Entrepreneurs Club


The Entrepreneurs Club was founded in October 2011 by the alumni Ole Schaumberg and Alexander Djordjevic. It aims to nourish an open and casual dialogue between students and entrepreneurs/founders. In a sociable environment entrepreneurs tell about stumbling blocks and milestones of a young Startup business, about personal and emotional struggles and downright answer the questions of the students.

The Entrepreneurs Club expands the lectures in a dynamic manner, connects them with experiences from different industries and highlights the topic entrepreneurship in corporations (intrapreneurship).

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The HSBA Entrepreneurs Club sets up events with young, compelling and creative entrepreneurs on a monthly basis. Each meeting is designed flexibly and differs from guest to guest. The students are encouraged to actively influence the course of the event in a way that allows case studies, Q&A sessions, presentations and product demonstrations in order to shape the event as dynamic as possible.


You are interested in organizing the Entrepreneurs Club and you are in contact with entrepreneurs? You want to get a deep understanding of a Startup that you heard of? We are excited about your ideas and creative input for all the upcoming events.