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Executive Education Offerings at HSBA

HSBA offers application-oriented Executive Education courses on MBA level for skilled employees and executives.

What makes our Executive Education offerings special is that they are multi-faceted and designed to exactly suit the needs of the participants and the companies. The courses offered cover management topics from the fields of Strategy & Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting, Maritime & Logistics as well as Media, IT & Digitalisation. Next to our seminars, we also provide companies with individual inhouse solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

The Executive Education courses offered by HSBA are application-oriented and practice–related. They place tools in the hands of companies and their employees in the Hamburg metropolitan region with which they can deal with current economic challenges. We ensure the practicality of our courses through continuous coordination in our company advisory boards and other bodies.

The Executive Education programme at HSBA is demanding and of a high standard. It is our aim to communicate the essential competences on an MBA level, for example by using case studies. The participants must therefore have sufficient professional and management experience so that they can learn from one another and use the time in class effectively.

We guarantee the quality of the seminars by having professors and lecturers develop and check the quality of the courses in the university departments and also by having some of them externally accredited. In this way, the further education programme at HSBA cannot only support personnel development in the company but also act as an important element in the participants` personal training.

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