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Accounting Basics

Certificate course

Become an accounting specialist now!

Fundamentals of Accounting (Certificate course)

Course in three modules with final examination and university certificate
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Top Topics

  • Accounting basics

  • Accounting according to HGB and IFRS

  • Annual financial statement analysis

Course Content

Certified Fundamentals of Accounting Course

Almost all decisions in companies have financial consequences. The certificate course in accounting for "non-BWLers" shows you these consequences for the essential components of the annual financial statement. While working, you will expand your knowledge in the areas of bookkeeping and accounting so that you can assess the effects of decisions in the profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement. In addition, the course enables you to competently enter into discussions with experts in the company.

The contents of the course range from the legal basics of accounting to practical examples and data analysis. Lectures, case studies, exercises and interactive methods optimally prepare you for the application of the course contents in business practice. At the end of the course, you have the opportunity to take the final examination (multiple choice). After passing the exam, you will receive a qualified certificate from the HSBA.

We look forward to welcoming you virtually to the course "Fundamentals of Accounting"!

Target group:

The course is aimed at specialists and managers who want to be able to better assess the financial consequences of their decisions on the company's reports. It is also aimed at consultants and non-executives in management positions who would like to expand their knowledge in the areas of accounting and analysis.

Benefits at a glance

The certificate course teaches you:

  • a compact general overview of the basics of accounting

  • the tools to be able to confidently discuss accounting issues with experts in the company

  • important information to understand the difference between accounting according to HGB and IFRS

  • numerous examples to better understand what has been learned and room for exchange and discussion with the lecturer as well as the other participants

  • a qualified certificate from the renowned HSBA if you pass the final exam



Module 1 | 4 September 2024, 09:00 – 13:00

  • Accounting tasks

  • Legal basics

  • Basic accounting terms

  • Components of an annual financial statement

Accounting according to HGB and IFRS

Module 2 | 4 September 2024, 09.00 – 13.00

  • Significance and legal basis

  • Essential differences HGB - IFRS

  • Case studies and checklists

  • Consolidated financial statements according to IFRS

Annual accounts analysis

Module 3 | 6 September 2024, 09.00 - 13.00

  • Structural analysis

  • Liquidity analysis

  • Success analysis

  • Case studies and checklists

Final examination

multiple-choice test | approx. beginning / middle of October 2024

    Your Lecturer

    Prof. Dr. Torsten Keller

    Torsten Keller ist seit 2005 als hauptamtlicher Professor für Rechnungswesen und allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration tätig. Seit 2020 ist er Studiengangsleiter des Studiengangs International Management.
    In seiner 1994 an der Universität Hamburg abgeschlossenen Dissertation entwickelte er einen Ansatz zur Gestaltung von Anreizsystemen zur Informationsabgabe. Im Anschluss hat der diplomierte Wirtschaftsingenieur die Funktion des Geschäftsführers einer mittelständischen Unternehmensgruppe übernommen. Darüber hinaus führte Professor Keller Beratungsprojekte und Lehraufträge, insbesondere im Bereich Controlling, durch. Zwischenzeitlich verantwortete er als akademischer Leiter einer privaten Hochschule den betriebswirtschaftlichen Studienbetrieb. Auch heute liegen seine Lehr- und Beratungsschwerpunkte im Bereich des betrieblichen Rechnungswesens.

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