Strategy & Leadership

Research Profile & Focus

The Strategy & Leadership Department deals with the central issues of how companies can safeguard their future. It bundles the traditional topics of corporate governance – strategy, structure and personnel.

The general aim of the Strategy & Leadership department is to provide innovative concepts and methodological skills to design and implement company transformations in an integrated manner. By integrating empirically oriented seminars, case studies, company presentations and excursions, we ensure the practical application of the teaching.


Research Areas

Our research topics focus on specific questions of designing corporate change as well as managing employees.

Strategic management of personnel risks

In times of increasing volatility and in light of globalisation and demographic change, the early identification and consistent management of personnel risks is essential in order to safeguard corporate success in the long term. In view of this situation, our research determines innovative ways and best practise for personnel management action plans in turbulent times.

Diversity management

Diversity management as a research area involves the active structuring of a workforce to accumulate unique human capital and use the diversity of employees as a basis for a competitive lead. Diversity management touches on important topics that companies will need to tackle in the future in order to safeguard their commercial success, such as continuing globalisation, ageing workforces and acquiring and retaining new staff.