National Taipei University (NTPU)

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About the National Taipei University (NTPU)

The AACSB-accredited NTPU is a good choice if you want to combine the varied life of a big city with relaxation in nature. With an average temperature of 23°C and many places of interest, Taipei combines learning and leisure.

Key Facts

Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
City Taipei
Language of instruction English
Places/Year 2
Study programmes BSc BI, BSc BA, BSc IM
Termtime Autumn Semester approx. September - January
Termtime Summer Semester approx. February - June
Cost of Living
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The National Taipei University with its seven departments (law, business ,public affairs, social sciences, humanities, electrical engineering and computer science) is one of the best universities in the country and has produced such personalities as Peng, Huai-Nan (Governor of the Central Bank of China) or Lin, Xing-San (Chairman of Evergreen Group). The university has about 10,000 students on its two campuses. The main campus is located on 54 hectares and is famous for its huge garden, which includes a lake and more than 100 species of flowers, trees and bushes. The AACSB-accredited university offers a healthy balance to your studies and offers several sports fields, an aerobics studio, a gym and a climbing gym.



Taipai (also Taipei) is the capital of Taiwan and has 2.6 million inhabitants.
The city alone generates 1/3 of Taiwan's economic output. It is also one of the strongest metropolitan regions in the world. Taipei is a center for research and development. Many trade, financial, information and communication companies have their headquarters in the metropolis. The city's major attractions are the Temple of Confucius, the Shinda Night Market (located near the university) and Taipei 101 (the world's largest building until 2007). Another special feature is that geothermal springs are located in the Yangmingshan National Park near the city due to former volcanic activity. Otherwise, the national park is characterized by its lush green landscapes.  The average annual temperature is 23°C.



The NTPU offers its exchange students the opportunity to live in a student residence on campus. There are three buildings in total. In two buildings 3-4 students live together in studios. In the third building are studios for two people each. These are a bit more expensive. In general the price level is between 300,- and 450,- Euro per month (deposit, electricity and WLAN included). The average cost of living (minus rent) is about 500,- € per month. In addition to that, you can look for housing opportunities here. 



Taiwan is a comparatively prosperous country with a population of about 23 million and a per capita income of 25,000 US dollars per person. Since 2019, the island state has also recognized English as an official language and even the street signs have Latin characters - part of Taiwan's international networking strategy. The dominant religion on the island is still Buddhism and the Daoism associated with it. However, the increasing share of Christianity is possibly an indicator of the adoption of western values by the Taiwanese.