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Study Profile MBA Shipping

The MBA Shipping Programme is focused on business development in the shipping industry and related industries. The programme provides the students with the necessary knowledge, analytical skills and competences regarded as essential for extraordinary managerial performance in the maritime industry. The course is taught and assessed in English. 

Highlights of the Study Course

  • Focus on Business Development in the Maritime Industry

  • Modules are taught in London, Athens/Piraeus and Dubai: Improve your intercultural competencies!

  • Experienced Lecturers from the Shipping Industry

  • Unique Mentoring Programme with many Networking Opportunities: The HSBA master’s students benefit from a special mentoring programme by the German Shipowners' Association (Verband Deutscher Reeder) and the network between HSBA and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

  • Interesting Financing Options: VDR Scholarship, HSBA Scholarship, other Scholarships

Facts on the Study Course

Students Generally approximately 20 per group
Degree Officially recognised Master of Business Administration with the right to proceed into doctoral studies
Credits 60 ECTS
Language English
Course Duration 24 months on the regular track and 12 months on the fast track, start is 1 October
Course Organisation Part-time, contact hours during 6 full-time weeks per year for the regular track, and 12 full-time weeks for the fast track
Admission Requirements Good bachelor´s degree and a minimum of 2 years of relevant management experience or an apprenticeship + a minimum of 6 years of relevant management experience + entrance examination, B2-level in English
Patronage and Mentoring German Shipowners' Association
Financing Grants of 25% to 50% of the study fees as well and a grant of 100% of study fees under a VDR scholarship
Study Fees 19.800 Euro (living and travel expenses not included) inclusive early-bird discount of 10% if the application is handed in by the 31 May.
Application Process Written application, telephone interview, Admission Day. Applications are accepted until the maximum number of students is reached. We recommend to apply early as study places are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Accreditation The study course was awarded the Premium Accreditation of the FIBAA in 2018. HSBA is accredited by the science council.

Impressions on the Study Course

"With the competitive nature of today’s work environment, the experience and knowledge gained throughout my time at the HSBA has given me the edge in my field. Not only have I been able to leverage my degree, but the connections I’ve made during my studies have only strengthened with time."

Benjamin Zuhusky
MBA Shipping (Class of 2018 - Fast Track)

"The MBA Shipping covers the essential core areas of the shipping industry. Through study trips to London, Greece and Dubai, I have been able to develop my intercultural skills so that the programme not only has given me a better international presence in the maritime industry, but also entry into the offshore wind energy industry in Germany in March 2018."

Gerardo Silva
MBA Shipping (Class of 2016)

"The network provided by the MBA Shipping is a great benefi t of the programme. The variety of nationalities and the professional backgrounds of the participants creates the perfect condition for learning and broadening one’s horizons."

Sebastian Kewitsch
MBA Shipping (Class of 2013)

"Only the scholarship of HSBA and the German Shipowners’ association has allowed me to join the MBA Shipping programme. I very much enjoyed the unique group experience in this multinational group."

Irene Wieja
MBA Shipping (Class of 2014)

"With its focus on Business Development in the maritime industry, the MBA Shipping is unique in Europe. Graduates of the programme have learned to ‘think of the future‘ and are prepared to meet the multi-faceted challenges of the sector."

Prof. Dr. Orestis Schinas
Head of the Study Course MBA Shipping

"I took the decision to join the programme because of its international character and its practice-oriented teaching concept. In particular, I learned a lot from the case studies and the lectures in maritime centres abroad."

Svante Matthias Fink
MBA Shipping (Class of 2013)

Study Structure

60 ECTS can be acquired over the course of the study programme. The curriculum is structured in seven modules: two modules focus on maritime issues; five modules cover topics of the maritime industry. Courses take place in Hamburg (mainly), London, Athens/Piraeus and Dubai.

On the regular track, the course lasts 24 months (6 full-time weeks per year). On the fast track, the programme can be studied intensively in 12 months (12 full-time weeks per year). The course consists of 450 contact hours. 

Study Plan

Study Content: Basic Modules
  • Management & Finance
    10 ECTS
    80 Contact hours
  • Maritime Business
    7 ECTS
    60 Contact hours
  • Maritime Economics & Management
    10 ECTS
    80 Contact hours
Study Content: Advanced Modules
  • International Business Clusters
    5 ECTS
    80 Contact hours
  • Maritime Law & Insurance
    5 ECTS
    80 Contact hours
  • Ship Finance
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Development Strategies
    3 ECTS
    30 Contact hours
  • Master Thesis
    15 ECTS

Selection of our Lecturers

Admission Requirements

On the MBA Shipping the following admission requirements apply:

  • Two years of management experience
  • Ability to complete a course of studies in English (minimum level: B2 of the European Framework of Reference)
  • Academic requirements:
    • A completed third-level degree covering 240 ECTS credits and with the minimum grade “good”
    • a degree covering 210 (180) ECTS credits with the minimum grade “good” supplemented by one (two) additional year(s) of professional experience or third-level training
    • passing the entrance exam: Applicants without a completed third-level degree but with at least 6 years of relevant professional experience (e.g. Schifffahrtskaufmann) are admitted under certain conditions and can be accepted onto the entrance exam. The entrance exam comprises a written paper, a 30-minute oral exam and a two-hour written exam. The written paper deals with a management topic. The paper must be 10 to 15 pages long and has to be submitted within four weeks. The entrance exam takes place after the Admission Day.

If you're interested in applying for the MBA Shipping, please contact our Admissions Office:

via Phone +49 40 36138 -6591/-958 or E-Mail:

Financing of the Study Course

The course fees are 19,800 Euro for the overall programme. HSBA alumni and staff at partner companies, JOB & MASTER candidates as well as applicants that apply before 31 May receive a 10% discount. 

The course fees include the exam fees but please be aware that costs related to the study trip are not included. Usually the employer pays a part of the course fees.


Your Financing Options

If the applicant is already in employment, it may be possible, depending on the company, for the employer to cover most of the tuition fees.

With Income Share Agreements (ISA) tuition fees are financed in whole or in part by CHANCEN eG. In return, starting from a fixed annual minimum income, the student will repay a fixed share of his income to the Chancen eG after completing his studies. The concept envisages that student repayments can be used to fund study places for future generations using the same model. On the website of Chancen eG you can find further information.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

German Shipowners' Association-Scholarship

The German Shipowners' Association will join forces with HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration to award scholarships of up to 100% for a place on HSBA's MBA Shipping programme commencing in October. Applicants must work at a company that is a member of the German Shipowners' Association.

The MBA Shipping degree commences on 1 October. Please send us your completed application by post or by e-mail no later than 31 August.

For further information please take a look here.

We will assess your application and announce our decision which will be taken together with the German Shipowners' Association by 15 September.

Applying for a scholarship does not mean that you have been admitted to the MBA Shipping degree. The scope of funding will be made transparent before the agreement is concluded. 

Please send your application to:
HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration
Paulien Staal
Alter Wall 38, 20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 (0)40 - 36 13 8 - 955 (Fax: - 751)

Of course, you can also finance your studies yourself. There are some options to support you:

HSBA Scholarship: It is a matter of particular concern to HSBA to ensure that highly qualified and motivated candidates can attend the Master's degree programme despite the costs. Thus, HSBA supports particularly gifted applicants who require financial assistance in different ways. Next to the early bird discount of 10%, HSBA scholarships for 25% and 50% of the course fees are offered.
Funding-Specific Provisions for the MBA Shipping

Germany Scholarship: The "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarships are awarded based on performance and amount to EUR 300 per month. 50% stem from public funding from the German government and 50% from the university's own private funding. For further information please take a look at the specific information and regulations regarding the "Deutschlandstipendium". 

Scholarships & Foundations: For further funding needs, HSBA students may qualify for other scholarships. A good place to look for the most appropriate scholarship is To find a suitable foundation, please check the platform When choosing a scholarship, always make sure that students of part-time Master's programmes are eligible to apply.

Student Loans: The following banks offer student loans on special terms:

Further information on the topic can be found on the websites and the CHE-Studienkredit-Test 2016. Please be aware that these websites are only available in German.


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