Corporate financing of the maritime industry in Germany

With special consideration of asset-based financing options

The maritime industry was hit by the financial crisis of 2008/09, which, together with the subsequent economic crisis, forced companies to reorient themselves.  

  The financial sector also had to fundamentally reorient itself. Customer relationships had to be redefined, new financial products were created. And last but not least, strict rules such as Basel I and II had to be implemented. The financial economy and the real economy have not always come together.   

  The research project "Corporate Financing of the Maritime Industry in Germany" therefore deals with the question of how a company can, if possible, rebalance the disparity between the real economy and the financial economy. The approach of asset-based finance as a financing instrument in crisis situations seems particularly promising and is to be examined more closely.  

  The Maritime Finance Research Group (MFiRG) conducts this research and is an independent research group that analyses, on a scientific basis, practicable national and international financial and financing instruments that can secure an economic perspective for the maritime economy. The HSBA is a leading partner in this applied research project through HSBA’s Maritime Business School and Prof. Johns.  

Project partners

  • Stiftung Kapitalmarktforschung für den Finanzstandort Deutschland
  • Stiftung Kapitalmarktrecht für den Finanzstandort Deutschland
  • Stiftung Unternehmensfinanzierung und Kapitalmärkte für den Finanzstandort Deutschland  

Milestones of the project plan

Divided into 5 different project phases

1. Preparation of a questionnaire taking into account the suggestions of the advisory board  
2. Dissemination of the questionnaire to the relevant maritime industry in Germany  
3. Scientific evaluation of the responses to the questionnaire  
4. Preparation of a publishable scientific study with the results of the research project  
5. Online publication and dissemination of the scientific study
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