Research Cooperations with Local Companies

Stefan Malzkorn

Contract research with HSBA

Due to its principle of duality and self-image as a service provider for the Hamburg economy HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration priority conducts practical and transfer-oriented research with direct benefit for companies and teaching at HSBA.

HSBA - a link between science and industry

HSBA maintains strategic partnerships with its cooperative companies, so as to enable an active and sustainable transfer of state-of-the art research into business practice and support. Opening and expanding research and scientific potential generated at HSBA to the regional economy is perceived as one of its major tasks.

Objectives of Contract Research

The aim of the research effort is to transfer state-of-the-art knowledge and know-how to students, by continuously improving the learning content and material, as well as to offer services of high-caliber to the industry, by addressing complex problems with modern and scientifically well-tested methodologies and techniques. The in-house expertise of the faculty is imminent as most of the HSBA-experts possess leading positions in private organizations as well and their research work is published in highly accredited scientific journals. At a later stage, the goal of HSBA is to actively involve students in the research initiatives, offering also the chance for testing new ideas before implementing them in real applications.

Research at HSBA is focussed on structuring and analysing theoretically real world problems and finding practical solutions to these problems. HSBA has access to a broad range of national and international research and business networks.

Research Focus

Linking research with scientific training and teaching takes place in the HSBA's departments. In addition, department-wide research priorities have emerged, which, inter alia, are reflected in HSBA's institutions.

Research on Business Ethics and Corporote Social Responsibility takes place not only at the Chair for International Business Ethics and Sustainability but is discussed in interdisciplinarily in all of HSBA's departments.

Research on family business with a focus on finance and corporate governance is mainly a priority of Prof. Dr. Stefan habil. Prigge.

The MBS Maritime Business School integrates all research and training activities in the maritime, logistical and in adjacent areas.