Hamburg Institute of Management & Finance (H·I·M·F)

Independent Research and Consultant Institute in the field of Applied Business Economics

The H·I·M·F

Since 1993 our work has focused on the presentation of accounts, financing, the theory of taxation and auditing. In addition, we act as an independent corporate finance consultancy for SME clients. Since 1997 our team has provided advice on corporate acquisitions and disposals, on the raising of equity and loan capital for SMEs and in the areas of corporate valuation, risk management (interest/currencies) and corporate governance.

The team at the Hamburg Institute of Management & Finance (H·I·M·F) has many years of research experience and relevant knowledge not only from consulting work in the field of corporate finance but also from the operational management of SMEs.

By cooperating in an international network, we have access to all key player countries in the world.

Current Research Areas

  • International (group) accounting and auditing standards (IFRS or ISA)
  • Corporate valuation according to nationally and internationally recognised standards
  • Valuation of intangible assets
  • Risk-oriented annual audit
  • Cost management


The Hamburg Institute of Management & Finance (H·I·M·F) consults its clients on all questions dealing with raising of equity and loan capital. Being an independent consultancy, H·I·M·F does not provide any finance itself. We are thus able to determine the most attractive offer for each client.

Due to our long-standing and manifold connections with funding institutes, banks and other providers of capital, we are able to select the best financing partner and develop a financing concept tailored for your individual needs. Our team can advise especially in the raising of private equity. In this area we support not only new, growing companies in acquiring venture capital but also established industrial firms that wish to optimise their equity capital base.

The types of financing include "classical" equity capital, mezzanine financing, loan capital and government aid. With regard to acquisition projects, we can provide assistance in selecting appropriate credit institutes, in preparing financial plans and in negotiating with banks. In the case of IPOs, we analyse the marketability of the company and advise on the structuring of the issue concept, the development of the prospectus, the placing procedure, the selection of the correct stock-marketier, the finding of suitable investors and the setting of the issue price.

Moreover, we assist our clients in selecting banks to accompany the share issue and in all necessary negotiations.

Corporate Finance

  • Professional supervision of your company and optimisation of its capital structure and injection of capital (equity capital, mezzanine loans, loan capital)
  • Advice with regard to the organisation and structuring of government aid (municipal/federal state/national/EU)
  • Corporate valuations according to nationally and internationally recognised standards
  • Provision of audit opinions
  • Acquisition and disposal of companies (M&A)
  • Expert opinions and valuations in connection with cases of severance pay and distribution of estates
  • Valuation of intangible assets (e.g. brands and patents)

Corporate Governance

  • Professional supervision of your company and representation of your corporate interests through the independent assumption of seats on advisory and supervisory boards
  • Professional supervision of your company through independent representation on audit committees according to § 107 Abs. 4 AktG i.V.m. § 100 Abs. 5 AktG ·


  • Risk management
  • Advice in the application and use of a sustainable and effective risk management with regard to interest and currencies
  • Investor-oriented accounting (IFRS/BilMoG)
  • Advice in connection with the reporting and valuation of intangible fixed assets
  • Advice in the application and use of international accounting standards (International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS) and more recent accounting regulations (BilMoG)
  • Advice in connection with the preparation of the management report in the form of a Corporate Governance Statement
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Susanne Müller-Using, HSBA

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