Hans Jaich

Short Profile

Hans Jaich is a doctoral student in the area of ​​Sustainability Management & Ethics and the topic for his thesis is the implications of a growth-limited economy for operational success factors and strategic action options. Prof. Dr. Sarah Jastram at HSBA is his supervisor. At the TU Berlin, Hans Jaich is supervised by Prof. Dr. Knut Blind.


Journal articles (refereed)

Jaich, Hans. 2022. "Linking environmental management and employees' organizational identification: The mediating role of environmental attitude." Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management  29(2): 305-315.

Jaich, Hans, Sarah Jastram, and Knut Blind. 2022. "Organizational Practices as Drivers of Societal Change: Contextual Spillover Effects of Environmental Management on Employees’ Public Sphere Pro-Environmental Behavior." Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal  13(6): . https://doi.org/10.1108/SAMPJ-11-2021-0478.

Book chapters

Jaich, Hans. 2022. "Verhandlungssache Normalität: Wie Arbeitsklima und Führungskräfte das Sozial- und Umweltverhalten von Mitarbeitenden prägen." In Green Company Transformation, ed. by Prieß, Arne, . Haufe Group.