Christian Glöer

Short Profile

Christian Glöer has been working as an external doctoral student at the Chair of Corporate Accounting in the Finance Department since October 2021 and is conducting research on "The Capital Structure Puzzle". He is supervised by Prof. Dr. André Küster Simic at the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) and Prof. Dr. Gabriel Frahm at Helmut Schmidt University (HSU).

Mr. Glöer was already able to gain extensive knowledge in the areas of auditing, tax law as well as finance and insurance during his dual Bachelor's degree at HSBA and his subsequent Master's degree at the University of Hamburg (both courses in Business Administration). During his studies, Mr Glöer gained practical experience in these areas at Goessler + Partner GmbH in parallel.

Christian Glöer is doing his doctorate at the HSBA as well as the HSU and works as a manager at Goessler + Partner GmbH in addition to his doctorate. His main areas of activity include the management of annual audits, tax consulting and the preparation of valuation reports.

Research Areas

  • Interaction of institutional investors, capital structure and company value, espacially in times of crisis