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Summer School on CSR Management Staying in Hamburg


We want your stay at HSBA and in Hamburg to be as pleasant as possible for you. From experience, hostels that we recommend can be found below. In general you will have to make your own accommodation arrangements. Should you incur any difficulties, please contact us.

List of Hostels

This stylish hostel is located in the centre of town and offers single, double and 4-bed rooms. It disposes of a kitchen and even has its own cinema. With public transportation it will only take you 15 minutes and by foot it will take you approximately 30 minutes to get to HSBA. Prices start at 30€ per night. This is the perfect place for you to explore Hamburg!

For further information, please visit the Superbude website.

This modern, young hostel is located directly next to the central station. It offers single, double and 4-bed rooms and will give you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. With public transportation it will only take you 10 minutes and by foot it will take you 20 minutes to get to HSBA. Prices start at 21€ per night. 

For further information, please visit the Generator website.

VEEK host programme

HSBA offers, jointly with the VEEK (“The Honourable Society of Hamburg Merchants”) a host programme to interested Summer School participants. This host programme gives students the opportunity to stay at  a VEEK member’s home during the time of the Summer School. The home stay is free of charge.
The VEEK is one of the largest and oldest German business associations with a strong emphasis on ethical values. Its 1.200 members are entrepreneurs or executives of businesses located in or around Hamburg. 
HSBA is closely linked to the VEEK. The VEEK is one of HSBA’s shareholders, and additionally, numerous VEEK members function as mentors for HSBA postgraduate students, accompanying  them on their career path.
This summer, the VEEK proudly supports Summer School participants with a limited budget by giving them a home for two weeks. Apart from providing accommodation, the host intends to give the students a “home” away from home, and will give their guest insights into German and Hamburg culture. At the same time, the hosts are looking forward to finding out more about their guest's country of origin, for example by cooking traditional regional meals together. All participants who are accepted to the Summer School are invited to indicate if they are interested in joining the host programme. Please note that, unfortunately, HSBA is unable to guarantee finding a suitable host for everyone but will work closely with all applicants and hosts to make this opportunity become a reality for everyone.

Life in Hamburg

Studying at HSBA means studying in the centre of Hamburg – Our university is located within two minutes walking distance to the town hall and the Chamber of Commerce and therefore at the pulse of all economic and social events

As second largest German city, the metropolis at the river Elbe is said to be one of the most popular and attractive cities of Hamburg. It combines the flair of a port city with diverse cultural offerings and sights to visit. There are lots of things to do during your stay in Hamburg: Visit Hamburg’s spectacular landmark, the Elbphilharmonie, catch a public ferry for a cruise on the river Elbe, celebrate a night at the “party mile” Reeperbahn, enjoy some shopping and a coffee in Hamburg alternative city district “Sternschanze” and explore one of the beaches close to the metropolitan area. In Hamburg you can feel safe and at home right away! 

To the rest of Germany, Hamburg’s residents are known as a cool-headed, stubborn bunch ─ but we’re not all that bad. Greet a Hamburger with “Moin!” in the streets and you can be sure to get a cheerful grunt in return.

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