Internationales Komitee Willkommen

Hello, moi, bienvenido, hej, bienvenu, ciao, üdvözöljük, olá & moin moin!

We are the International Committee of the HSBA and the first point of contact for all HSBA and international students that have questions concerning studying abroad, that want to gather international experience or that are just curious about the international activities offered at our university. 

Moreover, we provide HSBA students with information and advice to help them experience a great time in a foreign country during a semester abroad. We also want all international students to feel comfortable during their year in Hamburg, as we know how it feels to be new in a place far away from home.

Together with all other motivated students of our committee we organize activities – from sports to weekend trips and sightseeing around Hamburg – to have fun and create memories with people from all over the world.