Free Mover Get a Buddy!

Stefan Malzkorn

Buddies - A Great Way to Connect to HSBA

The Buddy Programme is intended to help at the start: a buddy is a German student who helps out a foreign student during his/her first six to eight weeks in Hamburg. This ranges from study to life and culture, everything from A to Z. How much time you spend with your buddy is, in the end, up to you and your buddy.

So that the programme runs as efficiently as possible and to avoid misunderstandings, the following rules apply:

  • To enable easier communication we will make both you and your foreign partner’s telephone number, email address, etc available.
  • If possible, your buddy will pick you up in Hamburg from the station and will show you the way to your accommodation. If you are coming by car, you can arrange a meeting place.
  • Your buddy will be available at the beginning of the semester (or after your arrival) for 6 - 8 weeks for questions, etc (this will be arranged individually). Whether you become friends, depends, of course, on how well you get along.
  • Your buddy is there for you for questions like: where can a go during break time? How do I register with the city of Hamburg? And where is the cheapest supermarket?


Buddies for Exchange Students

Exchange students will automatically be matched with a buddy – so you don’t need to register! Your buddy will get in contact with you shortly before your exchange starts.

Buddies for Degree Seeking Students

If you are a degree seeking student or a Free Mover interested in the Buddy Programme just write us an email and we’ll try to find you a buddy who matches.  Register with our HSBA International Committee best 3 months prior to your arrival.