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Roland Magunia

Hanse Boat Race „International Edition“

Hamburg, 26 August 2018 - Alster vs. Nil: Hamburg wins the student rowing competition against Cairo

The Hanse Boat Race, HSBA's university regatta, was held for the first time with international participation. More than 100 spectators experienced good-humored and well-trained guests from Egypt on the grounds of the rowing club Allemannia (founded in 1866).
In the four races on the Alster, HSBA’s rowing team could use its home advantage. Since our guests had little experience with the boats used, HSBA's rowers was able to easily prevail in Women's Double and Women's 4. In Men's 4 and Men's 8, HSBA won in two exciting races. Our guests from Cairo, on the Nile rather accustomed to current than to wind, proved sportsmanship, and celebrated at the award ceremony with the hamburgers. "I'm proud of my team, especially of the Women's Double. The two have won their first race", said Maximilian Munski, HSBA head coach and winner of the silver medal of the Germany eighth at the Rio Olympics. He was very impressed by the guests. "The Egyptians immediately scored with charm, openness and commitment."

The trophies were presented by Dr. Johann Killinger, Vice President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and main sponsor of the Hanse Boat Race. The HSBA was represented at the award ceremony by the President, Prof. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz and Managing Director, Dr. Uve Samuel. Musically, the race was accompanied by the HSBA band.

HSBA Hanse Boatrace Team, 2018