Summer School on Maritime & Logistics Organisation

Karin Rose


We want your stay at HSBA and in Hamburg to be as pleasant as possible for you. From experience, hostels that we recommend can be found below. In general you will have to make your own accommodation arrangements. Should you incur any difficulties, please contact us.

List of Hostels

Superbude Hostel

This stylish hostel is located in the centre of town and offers single, double and 4-bed rooms. It disposes of a kitchen and even has its own cinema. With public transportation it will only take you 15 minutes and by foot it will take you approximately 30 minutes to get to HSBA. Prices start at 30€ per night. This is the perfect place for you to explore Hamburg!

For further information, please visit the Superbude website.

Generator Hostel

This modern, young hostel is located directly next to the central station. It offers single, double and 4-bed rooms and will give you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. With public transportation it will only take you 10 minutes and by foot it will take you 20 minutes to get to HSBA. Prices start at 21€ per night. 

For further information, please visit the Generator website.

Social Programme

While of course we want you to learn as much as possible during your stay at HSBA, we believe that this does not only have to take place in a classroom. A fun and inspiring extracurricular programme is also an integral part of your summer school experience in order to extend your social network and to make new friends from all over the world! Therefore we have organised a diverse programme for you to get to know the university, the city and of course the people.

List of Social Programmes

Formal welcome reception

On arrival you will have the first opportunity to meet your fellow students at a formal reception. Your lecturers will officially welcome you and we will give you useful tips for the following weeks. Use this time to make first contacts and mingle.

Induction day

Your first day at HSBA is all about building a team and getting to know each other. Of course you will also receive a study handbook to ideally prepare you for studying at HSBA and living in Hamburg.

Explore Hamburg

You will be studying in one of the most beautiful cities of Germany; therefore, one activity not to be missed is of course a city tour. Hamburg is often referred to as being the “gateway to the world” and today you will see why. The relationship between water and land is truly special and will give you the opportunity to have fun and relax

Social programme

On two evenings after your lectures we will organise fun activities for you to get to know eachother and Hamburg a little better! Usually, a Reeperbahn or Schanzen district tour gives valuable insights into current urban developments. Furthermore, A bike- or canoeing trip will endorse your teamwork and provides a pleasant break from your classroom work.

Company visits (as part of the curriculum)

HSBA puts a high emphasis on connecting academic theory with practice. The deep roots in the maritime and logistics industries of HSBA allows summer school participants high quality excursions to global acting companies in this business areas. Here, you will have the opportunity to get into contact with industry experts and ask all questions that came up during the lectures.

Farewell dinner

After seven days of working together, visiting all the courses and having fun together, this farewell dinner will give you the perfect opportunity to reminisce about your experience at the HSBA Maritime & Logistics Summer School. In an elegant, beautiful location right in Hamburg´s city centre you will enjoy a wonderful dinner with your new friends from all over the world. Afterwards you can take advantage of this great city and party together one last time.

Life in Hamburg

Studying at HSBA means studying in the centre of Hamburg – Our university is located within two minutes walking distance to the town hall and the Chamber of Commerce and therefore at the pulse of all economic and social events

Hamburg is known as one of Europe´s most beautiful cities. The Binnenalster being the core of the town, the proximity to two seas, its distinctive and diverse social offerings as well as its excellent shopping opportunities make Hamburg a top destination in Europe. It is easy to relax in this very green city. More than half of Hamburg´s metropolitan areas are parks, seas and forests – there are more trees than inhabitants and five times more bridges than in Venice. 

Hamburg is home to many global companies. Being a port city, it traditionally is an important export location and is one of the leading financial centres in Germany. Hamburg also plays an important role in the industrial sector; in civil aviation for example the town is leading next to Seattle and Toulouse. Furthermore the city is not just a traditional publishing location but also home to many creative advertising agencies. The mix of economic potential and the high quality of life make Hamburg one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe. 

This diversity and dynamic also reflects on the cultural life of the city. Musicals, cabarets, theatres, a lively club scene, galleries and museums – Hamburg has a lot to offer. Here you can feel at home and be save. Therefore we cannot wait to welcome you to the HSBA Summer School on Maritime & Logistics and show you this amazing city!

Hamburg - A Green City with a Maritime Flair