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Real Estate & Leadership (MSc) Content

Study Structure

120 ECTS must be acquired over the course of the study programme. The credits are spread over 13 modules and the master’s thesis.

The study programme takes a generalist approach and covers technical, process-related, economical and social topics of the real estate sector.

Students have the opportunity to choose the specialisation A: Investor & User or the specialisation B: Producer & Community. This decision means that up to one-third of the study programme can be structured as a specialisation.

Plan of study

# Module
1. Introductory Week
2. Real Estate Markets
3. Urban Planning
4. Architectural Design
5. Project- & Teammanagement
6. Real Estate Economics & Business Administration
7. Project I
8. Project Development & Stakeholder Management
9. Sustainability
10. Real Estate Tax & Law
11. Building Technology
12. Real Estate Investment & Finance
13. Leadership
14. Project II
15. Specialisations:
  Investor & User
  Producer & Community
16. General Electives
17. Master Thesis


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Wolfgang Willkomm

Modules: Architectural Design, Building Technology, Architectural Engineering & Innovations

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