Mentoring Programme Overview

Jana Tolle

Mentoring Programme

The HSBA master’s students in the study courses MSc Business Development, MSc Finance, MSc Global Management & Governance, the Executive MBA (EMBA) and Shipping (MBA) have the opportunity to take part in the mentoring programme which experienced executives from  Hamburg offer them.

Within the framework of the mentoring programme, students can ask questions concerning their current professional background, the reconciliation of work and family life or questions on their personal development. Furthermore, students can expand their network through contact to their mentor or other mentors and make valuable contacts for the future.

All participants are prepared for their role as either mentor or mentee in workshops and regular exchanges during the many different events make for a vibrant programme.

Details on the Mentoring Programme

MSc Business Development Yes, together with the HSBA Alumni Association and the Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V. (VEEK)
MSc Digital Transformation & Sustainability Yes, together with the HSBA Alumni Association and the Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V. (VEEK)
Mentors Generally owners or top-level executives from companies in the metropolitan area of Hamburg
Meetings Regularly; cycle is determined on an individual basis
Benefits Benefit from the experiences of the mentors and receive open feedback
Aim Expand the network, cope with professional challenges better and develop the personality

Cooperations partners of the Mentoring programme

HSBA cooperates with the  Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V. (VEEK) since 2009. The VEEK is the largest value-oriented association in Germany with around 1,200 personal members. The VEEK embodies typical Hanseatic values that have helped merchants in Hamburg to trade and offer services successfully for centuries and that are still just as relevant in today’s business world. Experienced entrepreneurs affiliated to VEEK support and accompany HSBA master’s students on their path to the management levels of business. This gives them a unique opportunity to benefit from the vast wealth of experience and networks of Hamburg’s entrepreneurs. Mentees may take part in some VEEK events for the duration of their studies. They can thus take part in the public part of the AGM and in the traditional ‘Versammlung eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns’ on 31 December.

HSBA Master Students also benefit from a mentoring programme that is offered by the HSBA Alumni Association. HSBA's Alumni are experienced executives and business representatives from different industries and branches. HSBA's Alumni are excellent sparring partners for MSc students. Mentees especially profit from their experience of having studied a dual or part-time programme at HSBA and, in many cases, having lived abroad. HSBA's Alumni are excellent mentors for professional challenges, career strategies, personal development and networking.

Some of our Mentors