Finance (MSc) - Financing

Finance (MSc) Financing

Roland Magunia

Financing of the Study Course

The course fees are 22,500 Euro for the overall programme. HSBA alumni and partner companies, JOB & MASTER candidates as well as applications that reach us before 31 May receive a 10% discount on the course fees.

The course fees include the exam fees and the mentoring programme. The costs for the study trip are not included. Usually the employer pays a part of the course fees.

Financing with the Assistance from the Employer

The MSc Finance is designed to train students for management tasks in companies and to lay the foundation for success. This is attractive to students and companies alike, which is why many employers support their employees both in financial terms and by granting additional free time for the master's programme.

Employees of a company that are not an HSBA cooperating company nor situated in Hamburg, can apply for the 50% scholarships.

Financing with the JOB & MASTER Programme

HSBA’s JOB & MASTER programme is a free placement service for applicants looking for a study place who wish to combine challenging academic and professional development. Many companies that work together with HSBA value the highly trained applicants from different specialist areas and the possibilities for further education provided by HSBA’s Master's programme and therefore take on the study fees and pay a salary.

Downloads for the HSBA Scholarship

Other Scholarships and Funding Programmes

The "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarships are awarded based on performance and amount to EUR 300 per month. 50% stem from public funding from the German government and 50% from the university's own private funding.

For further information please take a look at the specific information and regulations regarding the "Deutschlandstipendium". 

For further funding needs, HSBA students also qualify for other scholarships .

A good help for finding the most appropriate scholarship is To find a suitable foundation, please check the platform

To secure funding students of HSBA can also apply to certain foundations which grant scholarships, such as:

The following banks offer student loans on special terms:

Further information on the topic can be found on the websites and the CHE-Studienkredit-Test 2016. Please be aware that these websites are only available in German.

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