Corporate Management (MBA) - Specialisations

Corporate Management (MBA) Specialisations

Roland Magunia

Specialisations of the Study Course

Students have the opportunity to choose from one of the following three specialisations:

  • Digital Marketing & E-Business
  • Financial Markets & Risk Management
  • Strategic Management

This decision means that up to one-third of the study programme can be structured as a specialisation.

Digital Marketing & E-Business

The specialisation Digital Marketing & E-Business can be elected by the students in their second academic year of the study course Corporate Management. It comprises 20 ECTS and takes place in English.


The Digital Marketing & E-Business specialisation comprises case studies on selected topics that are supplemented and covered in more depth through external lectures. Students should understand how modern information and communication technologies support entrepreneurial processes and how traditional business processes are substituted by digital processes.

The E-Business module discusses the framework conditions for developing an e-strategy and possible business models in e-business. At the same time, it covers the potential and challenges for internetbased customer management (E-CRM). In addition to the marketing and sales perspective, it also deals with the special aspects of using internet technologies and scenarios in the field of supply chain management.

The Digital Marketing & E-Consumer Behaviour module is dedicated to online marketing with its specific guises such as social media marketing, mobile marketing and search engine advertising and optimisation. Students also learn about affiliate and word-of-mouth marketing and its targeted use. A central role is accorded to web monitoring for the assessment of online marketing success and to an understanding of different purchasing behaviour processes in online trading as well as the legal framework conditions.

The Methodology module introduces suitable quantitative analysis tools. Additionally, students learn to transfer methodological knowledge to the field of digital marketing & e-business. In this way students should develop solutions independently and systematically for selected empirical and practical issues.

The Seminar module covers current topics from the area of digital marketing & e-business.

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Financial Markets & Risk Management

The Financial Markets & Banking specialisation gives a more in-depth insight into the modern finance and insurance sector. It focuses on Data Analysis and Statistics, Strategic Risk Management, Asset Management and Research Seminar. It comprises 20 ECTS and takes place in English.


Module 1: Data Analysis and Statistics
The module Data Analysis and Statistics lays the foundations for the actual finance and insurance business. It studies probability distributions and measures of risk in detail, it demonstrates how collective risk sharing works and provides a competent knowledge of statistical methods of evaluating and analyzing data.

Module 2: Strategic Risk Management
The module Strategic Risk Management creates the link between the theoretical basis and its applications to the finance and insurance business. It focuses on understanding and assessing risks and the economic aspects of insurance demand as well as important risk transfer tools in practice. Another core topic involves studying risk management tools used by insurance firms, in particular the reinsurance market and alternative risk transfer products.

Module 3: Asset Management
The module Asset Management closely evaluates different financial instruments with which a bank trades or that it needs to control its risk. From shares to bonds to funds (portfolio management) up to derivatives and certificates the most important financial products and services are analysed.

Module 4: Research Seminar
The Research Seminar module deals with current issues from the finance and insurance sector, from finance and insurance economics literature and case studies from company practice. The students address topics relating to current and relevant issues.

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Strategic Management

The specialisation Strategic Management can be elected by the students in their second academic year of the study course Corporate Management. It comprises 20 ECTS and takes place in English.


The Strategic Management specialisation gives a more in-depth insight into modern corporate management. This is essential for students’ later professional activity in order to understand the complex relationships between different market developments, growth opportunities and strategies.

Module 1: Business Development
This module establishes the link between market development, strategic management and further development of the company. Various different business models are also examined in depth.

  • Foundations of Strategic Management
  • Business Modells
  • Strategy & Strategic Development
  • Business Cases
  • Strategy Consulting

Module 2: Innovation Management
This module covers the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, innovation management in existing companies and change management.

  • Foundation of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Innovation Process / Product Development Process
  • Management of Innovations
  • Change Management

Module 3: Management of Growth
This module deals with different growth strategies as well as with crisis management.

  • Business growth strategies
  • Corporate growth strategies
  • International growth strategies
  • Mergers, acquisitions and alliances
  • Implementation of growth strategies, barriers and risks
  • Management of crisis

Module 4: International Business
This module takes a look at global markets, international transactions and their organisation and management.

  • Global Economy and Market Developments
  • International Business and Markets
  • Economic Integration
  • Emerging Markets
  • International Business Strategy
  • International Business Operations
  • Emerging issues in international Business

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