Corporate Management (MBA)

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Study Profile

The MBA in Corporate Management is an applied study programme in the field of business. It takes a generalist approach and teaches the fundamentals of business administration. Issues related to developing and implementing corporate strategies are covered. In the second year of study, students have the opportunity to choose a specialisation in digital marketing & e-business, financial markets & risk management or strategic management.

Highlights of the Study Course

  • Best General Management Education for Young Professionals: Focused course contents, best faculty and accredited quality (by the FIBAA) of the study programme and the university

  • Specialisations for high employability: Students on this academically challenging Master’s study programme may specialise in Digital Marketing & E-Business, Financial Markets & Risk Management or Strategic Management.

  • One-week study trip abroad: Silicon Valley, Brussels, London or Hamburg/Berlin

  • Digital Toolbox: The unique Digital Toolbox is a special offering to teach HSBA Master’s students digital tools and strategies. Students from different MSc and MBA degrees will have the opportunity to choose between highly relevant and contemporary digital topics and profiles, and at the same time network with each other outside their own study programmes. 

  • JOB & MASTER Programme: JOB & MASTER is a free-of-charge placement service for applicants who wish to combine a challenging academic education at HSBA and valuable professional experience.

  • Mentoring Programme: The HSBA master’s students have the opportunity to take part in the mentoring programme which experienced executives from  Hamburg offer them.

Facts on the Study Course

Students Approximately 30 per group
Degree Master of Business Administration with the right to proceed to doctoral studies
Credits 90 ECTS
Language English
Course Duration 24 months, start on 1 October
Course Organisation Part-time, contact hours at extended weekends and a small number of full-time weeks
Patronage and Mentoring Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V. (VEEK; engl.: The Honourable Society of Hamburg Merchants)
Admission Requirements Good bachelor´s degree plus a minimum of two years of work experience; or an apprenticeship plus a minimum of six years of work experience and an entrance examination; good English language skills
Financing Grants of 25% to 50% of the tuition fee, as well as 100% in individual cases
Study Fees 22.800 Euro (= 950 Euro per month), early-bird discount of 10% if application is received by 31 May
Application Process Written application, telephone interview, admission day. Applications are accepted until the maximum number of students is reached. We recommend to apply early, since grants and JOB&MASTER-places are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Non-EU/EEA students should apply early to allow time for their visa application.
Accreditation FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation); HSBA is accredited by the science council.

Impressions on the Study Course

"After graduating as a Nurse and a career switch to Aviation, I always knew that I am missing the main part of business studies. HSBA's MBA programme has been extremely beneficial for me as it covers the full scope of business management and allows a great switch to business from any industry. The main highlights of the programme were the interesting modules and challenging discussions with my professors and multinational classmates. These have massively contributed to my learning curves, widened my horizon of perspectives and enhanced my career ladder opportunities."

Suhana Moehl
MBA Corporate Management (Class of 2020)

"Having worked as a Mechanical Engineer and a Project Manager for the healthcare industry in Zambia after my Bachelors, I realised that my true potential to successfully lead, administer and direct a company was underutilized. An MBA in Corporate Management at HSBA has certainly helped me build on these vital management capabilities to successfully lead a company. Not to forget, the diverse group of highly experienced professors and peers from the industry I got to learn from, who helped me imrpove myself both academically and professionally."

Mrithyunjaya Balasundaram
MBA Corporate Management (Class of 2019)

"After studying industrial engineering and some years of practical experience, I longed for complementary contents that would better equip and prepare me for leadership responsibilities. I was also looking forward to new, inspiring subjects and people from diverse cultural backgrounds and disciplines.
The MBA has proven to be just an enrichment in terms of content and methodology, in particular through constructive and immediate feedback from experienced lecturers and discussions with study mates. The extra-occupational studies have challenged me extremely but promoted my personal development and focus at the same time."

Cengiz Düman
MBA Corporate Management (Class of 2020)

"The MBA in Corporate Management involves teaching extensive system know-how and uses case studies with industry representatives to develop management skills for a successful career."

Prof. Dr. Michael Höbig
Head of the Study Course MBA Corporate Management

"With its compact classroom phases, the MBA Corporate Management is also suitable for non-local students, whether from Germany or Europe. Especially the specialisations are also of interest to graduates of business and economic studies."

Katrin Schramm
Programme Manager MBA Corporate Management

Study Structure

To successfully complete the programme and be awarded the MBA degree, 90 ECTS must be collected. The credits are spread over nine core modules, two electives, the specialisation and the thesis.

The study programme takes a generalist approach and covers a broad range of business administration theory as well as relevant economic topics. It gives students the opportunity to specialise in an area that is focused on specific content or a particular industry. The degree concludes with a four-month thesis, the topic of which can relate to any area of the course. The overlapping topics Complexity of Decision-Making, Participant‘s Personal Development and Line of Business constitute guidelines for the module contents which clarify the course objective.

Students have the opportunity to specialise in Digital Marketing & E-Business, Financial Markets & Risk Management or Strategic Management. This means that up to one-third of the study programme can be structured as a specialisation, providing excellent specialist knowledge to the student.

Study Plan

Study Content: Year 1
  • Marketing & Sales
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Operations Management
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Economics
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • HR & Organisation
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Accounting & Controlling
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Leadership
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Corporate Finance
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Sustainability
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Master's Elective/Digital Toolbox
    1 ECTS
    25 Contact hours
Study Content: Year 2
  • Systems Thinking & System Dynamics
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Study Trip
    5 ECTS
    40 Contact hours
  • Specialisations
    20 ECTS
    160 Contact hours
  • Master Thesis
    15 ECTS
    120 Contact hours
Specialisations in Year 2
  • Digital Marketing & E-Business
    20 ECTS
  • Financial Markets & Risk Management
    20 ECTS

Selection of our Lecturers

Dr. Frank Edelkraut
Executive Partner, Mentus GmbH

Modules: Leadership

Admission Requirements

For the MBA Corporate Management the following admission requirements apply:

  • Two years of management experience
  • Ability to study in English language (minimum level: B2 of the European Framework of Reference).
  • Academic requirements:
    • A completed third-level degree with 210 ECTS credits and minimum grade “good"
    • a degree with180 ECTS credits and minimum grade “good” supplemented by one additional year of professional experience or third-level training
    • passing the HSBA entrance exam: Applicants without a completed third-level degree but with at least six years of professional experience may be allowed to sit an entrance examination. This comprises a written paper, a 30-minute oral exam and a two-hour written exam. The written paper deals with a management topic. The paper must be 10 to 15 pages long and has to be submitted within four weeks. The entrance exam takes place after the Admission Day.
  • Succesfully completed HSBA admission process (online application, telephone interview, admission day)


Apply now!

Financing of the Study Course

The course fees are 22,800 Euro for the overall programme. HSBA alumni and staff at partner companies, JOB & MASTER candidates as well as applicants that apply before 31 May receive a 10% discount. 

The course fees include the exam fees but please be aware that costs related to the study trip are not included. Usually the employer pays a part of the course fees.


Your Financing Options

If the applicant is already in employment, it may be possible, depending on the company, for the employer to cover most of the tuition fees.

HSBA’s JOB & MASTER programme is a free placement service for applicants (still) looking for employment. If you are eligible to join the placement service, HSBA will assist you finding a job. Please note that not all students may be eligible to take part. Please inform us if you are interested in the JOB & MASTER programme, so we can advise you accordingly. 

With Income Share Agreements (ISA) tuition fees are financed in whole or in part by CHANCEN eG. In return, starting from a fixed annual minimum income, the student will repay a fixed share of his income to the Chancen eG after completing his studies. The concept envisages that student repayments can be used to fund study places for future generations using the same model. On the website of Chancen eG you can find further information.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


The VDI Hamburger Bezirksverein e.V. joins forces with HSBA to award a full study place for one member of VDI Bezirksverein Hamburg for a place on one of HSBA’s MBA programmes.

MBA studies start in October. Please send us your completed application by post or by e-mail no later than 31 July. Then the HSBA application phase with a telephone interview and an admission day begins. The decision on the scholarship will be taken by 31 August.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any specific questions.

Please be aware that applying for this study place does not mean that you have been admitted to the MBA programme. The scope of funding will be made transparent before the agreement is concluded.

Please send your application to:
HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration
Alexander Freier
Alter Wall 38, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0)40 36138 743 

Of course, you can also finance your studies yourself. There are some options to support you:

HSBA Scholarship: As part of the HSBA study funding programme, a maximum funding of 50% of tuition fees is possible. Other funding programmes and scholarships remain unaffected. Funding-Specific Provisions for the MBA Corporate Management.

Germany Scholarship: The "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarships are awarded based on performance and amount to EUR 300 per month. 50% stem from public funding from the German government and 50% from the university's own private funding. For further information please take a look at the specific information and regulations regarding the "Deutschlandstipendium". 

Scholarships & Foundations: For further funding needs, HSBA students may qualify for other scholarships. A good place to look for the most appropriate scholarship is To find a suitable foundation, please check the platform When choosing a scholarship, always make sure that students of part-time Master's programmes are eligible to apply.

Student Loans: The following banks offer student loans on special terms:

Further information on the topic can be found on the websites and the CHE-Studienkredit-Test 2016. Please be aware that these websites are only available in German.


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