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Yes. Before you start preparing to take part in a Summer School or a one-semester exchange programme at a partner university, you have to get a declaration of consent from your company ("Studienaufenthalt im Ausland" (study-abroad) application form) and submit this together with your application for recognition of credits to HSBA's International Office. It is solely up to your company to decide whether or not the application will be granted. Speak to your student support officer and explain the advantages and your own personal motivation for wanting to study abroad.

A Summer School is an intensive course that generally takes place when no lectures are being held. It is a type of additional course for all those who wish to attend lectures and earn credits outside of their regular studies. Participants are usually international students as well as students from other German universities.

If you take part in a semester abroad at a foreign universities, you will attend the regular semester course schedule of the respective university. Your fellow students will include students at the university and other exchange students.
The grades you obtain during the Summer School or your exchange programme can be recognised for your HSBA degree.

Yes. When making a suggestion, you must pay particular attention to the dates and the criteria for crediting, i.e. an equivalent workload and credit points.

Get in touch with the International Office. We will be happy to arrange the contact for you. You can also read the past reports from exchange students in Teams-Channel International Office.

The Buddy Programme aims to help foreign students settle into their new life in Hamburg. Each of you can help to make things easier for the students at the beginning of their stay by lending them a helping hand with academic and everyday issues. Take advantage of this great opportunity to experience the international nature of HSBA or to get in the mood for a stay abroad! More information is available here.

You can have the grades obtained for courses completed abroad recognised for all phases provided that all of the recognition criteria are met. If you have applied for grades from particular courses to be recognised, you no longer have to attend those courses. You are of course still welcome to attend if you wish.

No. Exams that you have already taken successfully at HSBA cannot be substituted with an exam taken abroad.

Please note that universities outside of Europe do not use the ECTS system and the credit points obtained therefore have to be converted into ECTS.
For example, a conversion factor of 1/2 is used to convert US credit points provided that the study programme is based on a workload of 15 credit points per semester.

To convert other credit point systems, please find out the workload per foreign credit point and the credit points per semester that the university awards, and include these in your application. The basis for the calculation is the workload for a credit point obtained at HSBA (25 hours of work).

You can catch up on the material and attend one of the repeat exams.

A maximum of 30 credits from grades obtained abroad can generally be recognised during the HSBA degree.

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