Summer School on CSR Management - Faculty

Summer School on CSR Management Faculty


Our Faculty 2019

Prof. Dr. Sarah Jastram

Prof. Dr. Sarah Jastram
Prof. for International Business Ethics and Sustainibility (Dr. Jürgen Meyer Endowed Chair)


Stephan Engel
Head of Culture & Collaboration, Otto (GmbH & Co. KG)

Prof. Dr. Mark Heuer
Associate Professor of Management, Sigmund Weis School of Business at Susquehanna University, USA


Kirsten Kück
Sustainability Manager, Aurubis AG

Prof. Dr. Stefan Prigge

Prof. Dr. habil. Stefan Prigge
Academic Head MSc Global Mgmt. & Governance and Executive MBA


Antonia Schmidt-Busse
Scientific Coordinator, Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V.

Dr. Anna-Maria Schneider
Sustainability Standards, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


Bernhard Schwager
Head of the Sustainability Department, Robert Bosch GmbH

Dr. Andreas Specht
Executive Director Technical Project Management, Aurubis AG

Andreas Steubig
Director Global Sustainability, HUGO BOSS AG

Zara Berberyan
Doctoral Student at the Endowed Chair for International Business Ethics & Sustainability


Prof. Dr. Barry A. Friedman
Professor, State University of New York at Oswego, USA

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