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Digitalisation is happening across all sectors and affects all levels of the company. Traditional industries are being fundamentally changed and forced to adapt to remain competitive in the long term.

But most of the time, there is an infinite potential that comes through big data, artificial intelligence, and design thinking. At interfaces between stakeholders, the loss of friction should be minimised without harming creativity.

Everyone wants to be at the forefront of digitalisation. HSBA's Digital Toolbox supports you on the path of your digital transformation.


"Digitalisation has never been so slow as it is today. The Digital Toolbox with its six profiles supports you on your way of digital transformation and provides you with the necessary knowledge to act on the forefront of change."

Dr. Uve Samuels
Dr. Uve Samuels
Managing Director
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Choose from Six Individual Profiles

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Earn the Qualifications of a Certified Digital Officer

with the six Digital Toolbox profiles

The six profiles cover the typical work areas in companies that are particularly affected by the change brought about by digitalisation. The combination of all six profiles is therefore the ideal training for specialists and executives who are helping to shape or take responsibility for the digitalisation of the entire company. These positions are often described as Digital Officer or Chief Digital Officer.

After successfully completing all six profiles, participants will receive the university certificate of "Certified Digital Officer".



Iryna Sölter HSBA
Iryna Sölter
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Senior Programme Management Postgraduate Studies
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