Hockey Team

Achim Liebsch

Hockey Team

Hockey has a long tradition at universities across the world. Within Germany, Hamburg is a modern bastion of German hockey, with the highest number of players and the most successful teams in the country. In keeping with the classic Anglo-American business school approach, hockey is one of the core sports played at HSBA. Partnered with the Uhlenhorst Hockey Club e.V. (UHC) and the Harvestehuder Tennis and Hockey Club e.V. (HTHC), HSBA is also associated with two Olympic winners in alumni Moritz Fürste and Florian Fuchs.

Any students interested in playing on our hockey team should please contact Lukas Kaste, Daniel Kriwet or Maria Thoms. Anyone who is not a student at HSBA should initially contact Klaus Waubke (see right).

For more informations please check the Facebook-group.

Anglo German Hockey Trophy 2014