Studying at HSBA

Roland Magunia

Optimal Learning Conditions and Student Life

HSBA is keen to provide excellent study conditions and an active student life. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and our campus is bright and friendly. During their studies at HSBA and the in-company-trainings, students receive academic support from teaching staff and help in all other issues from management (including dedicated Programme Management and an International Office). Our small study groups with generally no more than 30 participants facilitate productive discussions and work. All of the (compulsory) literature, databases and journals relevant to the courses are available in the HSBA library. Low dropout rates and high levels of students´ satisfaction are the result of this concept.

The special atmosphere at HSBA is created by our students. They are always motivated and active in student initiatives or projects. We are very proud that our students and alumni rate their studies at HSBA very positively.

Studying and living in Hamburg

Hamburg is perfect for study, work and leisure. International and German students alike feel at home here, and it's no surprise that Hamburg is repeatedly cited as one of the best German cities to live in.

HSBA ensures that all new students feel right at home by offering individual support depending on each student's unique situation. Learn more...

Concepts of Studying at HSBA

In addition to our excellent study conditions, there are mainly five basic principles and characteristics of studies at HSBA: Duality, employability, value orientation, internationality and network approach.

Concepts of Studying at HSBA

HSBA’s academic approach follows the basic principle of duality, which combines a challenging theoretical part-time study programme with practical professional experience. Students acquire knowledge and methodological skills in the lectures and apply these in practise. Based on the experiences at the company, the knowledge acquired is then discussed, reflected upon and continuously expanded on in the seminars. In order to enable the consistent transfer of scientific theory to company practise, we attach a great deal of importance when selecting our teaching staff to ensure the interplay of academic excellence and their many years of professional experience in renowned companies.

HSBA’s study programmes are geared to the needs of practise and open up excellent career opportunities. Our graduates have a solid basis in business administration with an industry or function-specific focus and quickly take on a position with responsibility in the company.

Excellence – Commitment – Fairness: These are the overarching values on which all activities at HSBA are based. In our mission statement, which is adhered to by all university members and our partner companies, we have agreed to follow the values of the honourable merchant. Issues concerning (international) business ethics and sustainability are incorporated in all study programmes as an overlapping topic and form a focal point of the academic gearing.

Internationality is an essential component of a state-of-the-art study programme, particularly in Hamburg, a city that sees itself as the gateway to the world. HSBA thus attaches great importance to the international nature of the course contents, offers a wide range of modules and events in English and encourages its students to study abroad (mostly short-term stays).

HSBA maintains close relationships with a large number of institutions in Hamburg and around the world. Our more than 300 partner companies are at the core of our strong corporate network, flanked by the Association of Friends and Supporters of HSBA ('Verein der Freunde und Förderer der HSBA'), the Honourable Society of Hamburg Merchants ('Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V. (VEEK)'), the HSBA Alumni Association and our international partner universities.