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Despite the double challenge of studying at HSBA and working in a company at the same time, we at HSBA still find time for sport and fun. Our university has a sporting spirit. Whether it's in running, rowing, basketball, volleyball, hockey, badminton or soccer, HSBA students are always involved in the competition for first place at different university tournaments.

HSBA's sports committee coordinates the students' sporting activities. The sports committee works together with Hochschulsport Hamburg to organise HSBA teams in different sporting disciplines. Are you interested? Then please get in touch with the following contact:

Sporting Activities

Till Tegeler | 2018 A-Track | HSBA Basketball-Pool

Julius Jagau | HSBA Fußball

Julia von Horsten & Anna-Lena Witt | HSBA Elbpearls

Benjamin Gregersen | 2017 A-Track | HSBA Handball

Lukas Kaste | Daniel Kriwet | 2016 A-Track | HSBA Hockey

Maurice Lange | 2017 A-Track | HSBA Running

Luisa Schneider | Felix Lindner | HSBA Rowing

Laura-Sophie Norden | Contact

Konrad Gruner | 2016 B-Track
Katharina Hess | 2018 B-Track
HSBA Volleyball

You are not yet at HSBA ?

Interested applicants, who are not already enrolled at HSBA, please contact Klaus Waubke (tel. +49 40 36138-733).

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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