HeartSBA – Social Committee


There are many ways to help others. The HeartSBA by HSBA welcomes all students who want to get involved in social activities during their studies and work life.

The Student Social Committee at HSBA supports charitable organizations through raising funds and arranging events for donations. At times, the team also provides help to the organizations via manpower.

We support external organizations but also our own students. Therefore, mental health, empowerment, diversity & equality are topics we raise awareness for. 

Every action of ours is approached with the guiding principle in mind “Education is key!”. The choice of our partner organizations and social causes we support, as well as the distribution of information among peers. 

With a focus on sustainable operations and as part of a Fairtrade university, we take reference to environmental, social & governance implementation.

"Let’s make a difference."

Partners of Projects and Initiatives


…is an association from Hamburg, which gathers helping hands together to spread help, where it is needed. Private persons, but also companies can volunteer and donate their time. The principle is easy and effective. Help gets bundled and reaches the ones that need it.

Further information: www.tatkraeftig.org


…is the German bone marrow donor index. DKMS aims to delete blood cancer. To reach their goal, DKMS arouses awareness of blood cancer diseases and their treatments, and registers potential bone marrow donors, to save the life of patients.

Further information: www.dkms.de

Hinz&Kunzt – The Hamburg Street Magazine

"Nobody knows Hamburg's streets better" – this is the motto of the street magazine with the highest circulation in Germany. The magazine is produced by professionals and then sold by 500 homeless people, homeless people and people in precarious living situations. This offers meaningful employment to people with no prospects. We, as the Social Committee of the HSBA, support Hinz&Kunzt with regular donations of clothes as well as household items.

Further Information: hinzundkunzt

Oskar Killinger Stiftung

Further Information: www.sudep.de

Next Generation Social

Further information: nextgeneration.social


Further information: MBSR-MBCT