International Committee

Hello, moi, bienvenido, hej, bienvenu, ciao, üdvözöljük, olá & moin moin!

We are the International Committee of the HSBA and the first point of contact for all HSBA and international students that have questions concerning studying abroad, that want to gather international experience or that are just curious about the international activities offered at our university.  Moreover, we provide HSBA students with information and advice to help them experience a great time in a foreign country during a semester abroad. We also want all international students to feel comfortable during their year in Hamburg, as we know how it feels to be new in a place far away from home.

Together with all other motivated students of our committee we organize activities – from sports to weekend trips and sightseeing around Hamburg – to have fun and create memories with people from all over the world.

What does committee life look like?

We always meet on the last Thursday of every odd-numbered month and plan various activities: from pizza nights to museum visits and day trips to the surrounding cities, we've already had everything! In addition to our buddy programme and the supervision of the incoming students, we plan afternoons where the incoming students present their countries and a network where incoming and outgoing students can exchange ideas. Would you like to learn more about other countries and cultures, do some international networking and possibly get involved on the side? Then get in touch with us!

Buddy Programme at HSBA

The Buddy Programme assits in integrating international students into their new life in Hamburg.

Each one of you has the chance to help students upon their arrival and support them in their academic and daily life. Take advantage of this grat opportunity to experience internationality at HSBA and prepare for a possible stay abroad in case have that opportunity yourself.

What is the idea behind the Buddy Programme?

The Buddy Programme is intended as initial help for international students: A buddy is an HSBA student who supports an international student during their first six to eight weeks (or beyond that) of their stay in Hamburg, helping in all aspects. It should help the student, who is new in Hamburg, and possibly in Germany, to ease into their new lif and to make social contacts. If you are interested in supporting an incoming exchange or degree-seeking student, contact us and we will match you!

What are the duties of a buddy?

How much time you spend with your buddy is ultimately up to you. To make the whole process as enjyoable for everyone as possible, and to avoid misunderstandings, the following simple rules may work:

  • For easy communication, exchange your telephone number, e-mail address, etc.
  • Try to be available for at least 6 to 8 weeks for any questions and be prepared to meet your international buddy from time to time.
  • Ideally, pick up your buddy from the train station/airport or welcome them in case they arrive by car. It is a nice gesture and will help the new student to a smooth start and orientation in an unknown city.
  • Support your incoming with everyday questions such as: How do I open a bank account? How do I register with the authorities in Hamburg? Where is the cheapest supermarket?
  • Try to include your incoming and take them to parties or other social activities.

What’s in it for me?

You get to know students from other countries and find new international friends, all while hopefully also working on your language skills.

Social and intercultural engagement are additional soft skills you can add onto your CV.

Besides, for those who think about going abroad themselves in the (near) future – having a buddy helps to gain a new perspective on how it is going abroad and living somewhere foreign.

How can I get started?

How can I get started? It's really easy! You can find our contact details on this page and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the programme. We look forward to hearing from you! Stay international!