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Versicherungsmanagement (BA) Content

Programme Structure

The programme was developed in cooperation with the BWV Hamburg. The result is a permeable training concept for the insurance industry, which offers the best perspectives and a high level of flexibility: from training to specialist to a bachelor's degree.

The study course teaches business management, economics as well as industry-specific knowledge and thus provides the basis for a successful career in the insurance industry. In addition, methodological skills, soft skills and intercultural content are taught.

More than 50 percent of the study content is insurance-specific. The programme includes lectures such as Insurance Management, Insurance Marketing, Risk Management in Insurance Companies, Industrial and Commercial Insurance, Actuarial Science and Insurance Law.

In addition, an elective area is offered in which you can choose between the lectures management of the Brokerage Business, Insurance English or deepen your skills in Personal Insurance. Furthermore, a Simulation Game is conducted on the management of an insurance company. In addition, an Excursion abroad to selected insurers and brokers is planned.

The programme pursues the goal of communicating the relevant topics in the area of ​​risk and insurance management, highlighting the challenges in individual subject areas and their management, as well as demonstrating theoretical concepts and their implementation in practice.

Study Plan

Insurance and finance professionals with a degree as insurance specialists are credited the first four semesters so that they can start directly into the fifth semester.

5th Semester

Module Hours Credits
Macroeconomics 35 5
Statistics 42 6
Risik Management in Insurance Companies 35 5
Mathematics in Insurace 28 4
Digital Toolbox 7 1
Scientific Work 14 2

6th Semester

Module Hours Credits
Investment and Foundations of Finance 42 6
Strategic Management in Insurance Companies 42 6
Industrial/Commercial Insurance 35 5
Controlling 35 5

7th Semester

Module Hours Credits
Digital Marketing & E-Business 35 5
Insurance Law 21 3
Strategic Marketing in Insurance Companies 42 6

8th Semester

Module Hours Credits
Insurance Game 21 3
Electives Insurance 35 5
Electives Business Administration 35 5
Methodological Skills 35 5
Excursion & Presentation 35 5

After the fourth semester, the bachelor thesis is written.

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